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The practice of 3D printing with precious metals to make jewelry is a hot topic at the moment, and is also one that is constantly innovating and expanding by the day. One jewelry designer, Sarah Graham, is now utilizing Formlab’s [...]

As far as powder-based technologies are concerned, I can currently count eight commercial, direct metal 3D printer manufactures in the world. One is in the UK, one is in the US, one is in Sweden, four are in Germany, and one is in [...]

It may have passed somewhat under the radar, but the industrial Ceramker 3D printer, by Limoges, France-based, 3DCeram, debuted at the recent Ceramics Expo 2015 and is now set to be displayed at the upcoming Euromold trade show ta [...]

Growing at a CAGR of roughly 25%, the 3D printing market will be worth $17.2 billion by 2020, according to a new study published by leading market consultancy company AT Kearney, and reported by Consultancy.uk. The study, titled " [...]

Germany Media Markt (Media World in Italy) is one of Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailers and, while the German stores already sell 3D printers, now the company's Italian branch is going to begin to stocking Sharebot’s [...]

3D printing design studio Nervous System has been designing some intricate and beautiful work for the past eight years. And, in that time, they've often relied on the math and physics that guide our natural world to generate their [...]

Metal 3D printing is big business and for good reason.  Metal 3D printing allows for the production of complex and essential components in every industry, from aerospace to medicine.  The systems currently on the market, however, [...]

Stratasys subsidiary Solidscape makes high-end 3D wax printers for the jewellery industry.  They've just announced a strategic agreement with China’s Kangshuo Group Co. Ltd. Together they hope to set up the largest 3D printing ser [...]

In my presentation on how to get a start up featured on International media I said that one of the first things to do is make sure that the product has at least one unique feature. Symme3D did just that by announcing the availabil [...]

Being the number one producer of (and number one patent holder) of DLP technology based 3D printers, EnvisionTEC today finds itself in a situation which in some ways is similar to that experienced by Stratasys with FDM technology. [...]