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The last-surviving 1914 Delage Type-S has been resurrected with 3D printing. The 103 year-old car, currently in Australia, has laid dormant for three years since its engine block cracked in 2014. With no original drawings and no r [...]

Multinational automotive corporation Daimler AG (ETR:DAI), headquartered in Germany, are adopting Ricoh additive manufacturing machines into their rapid prototyping process. The acquisition of a Ricoh AM S5500P machine is to suppo [...]

In 2016 Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the CEO of Rolls-Royce, shared how embracing new technologies, including 3D printing, is his strategy for the company’s survival. Sales figures for 2016 show just how successful this custom-made appro [...]

Local Motors and German rail company Deutsche Bahn bring 3D printed self-driving vehicle Olli to Germany in a new trial. The six-month long pilot programme established by Innoz, Deutsche Bahn's Research & Development company, [...]

The Netherlands is about to open a facility specially for additive manufacturing maritime metal parts. RAMLAB is in the port of Rotterdam, South Holland, and opens tomorrow, the November 30th 2016, after a pilot period that triale [...]

Divergent 3D The LA Auto show is an annual event showcasing the latest innovations in car automotive technology. The latest leap forward at the show to involve 3D printing is an updated version of the Divergent Blade, the 3D print [...]

In a conversation with Forbes Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Vice President and Director of Rolls-Royce, explains how he managed to save the company from its downward spiral in 2009. The success is due in part to the departure from determi [...]

Nothing brings the best out of people like a good challenge. I’m sure our UK readers remember the coveted Blue Peter challenge badges, and who isn’t a fan of the odd gameshow? When scaled up with higher stakes, like the HTC Vive V [...]

With one suitcase, one backpack, one small plastic bag for liquids, a laptop and a mobile phone; passing through security control at the airport has become quite stressful and complicated. In an effort to make things simpler Schip [...]

A car enthusiast turned to her local robotics club, after finding out that a spare part for her car would cost much more than simply making a new one. Yellowknife resident Jan Fullerton is the proud owner of a 1992 Toyota Celica G [...]