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Today's sliced features: the BionicAircraft Project, Star Rapid's Star Trek themed rebrand, a new digital manufacturing course, ZMorph releasing a new 3D printer set, the FashionTech Berlin show and Makerbox. BionicAircraft Projec [...]

Through 3 rounds of funding, Innovate UK will share £3 million with companies incorporating design into the early stages of their projects. The fund’s first round, offering £1 millon, runs through January and February 2017 and cou [...]

Last week 3D Printing Industry brought you news about how large companies are starting to go public with developments for the future of 3D printing, and how 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for 3D printing metal. Facebook [...]

In this edition, we slice news involving: Renault 3D printing an engine, Titan Robotic's new 3D printer, ZMorph at CES, announcement of the winners of the RobotArt competition and a 3D printed bagpipe-playing robot. Titan Robotics [...]

Research from the UK's University of Bath looks at additive manufacturing as a potential solution to the droughts seen across the world. The research examines how 3D printed membranes could be used for this purpose, specifically h [...]

In this edition of our 3D printing news digest, Sliced, we will be slicing news featuring a wearable Exoskeleton Mask, a 3D printed dock for Apple Airpods, a 3D printed remote controlled plane, and GE investing in education. 3D pr [...]

The announcements from 3D printing companies at CES 2017 are coming thick and fast. 3D Printing Industry bring you some of today’s news from the Las Vegas event, including announcements from Formlabs, Lulzbot, Sprintray, Shining 3 [...]

When we invited readers to make their nominations for the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards, we could not have imagined just how popular the event would be. Over the festive period we have been inundated with responses and no [...]

In December as we prepared for Christmas, we celebrated Global 3D Printing Day with YouTubers and the maker community, saw new research involving 3D printing dog noses, Audi looking into vehicles for the moon and heard about engin [...]

November was the month when Frankfurt welcomed Formnext, as well as news of research into mesh construction from Switzerland, and an engineer saved his own life with 3D printed molds of his heart. Swiss research creates steel mesh [...]