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3D Printing Industry reviews recent real world examples of 3D bioprinting and additive manufacturing methods in medicine. The use of 3D printing for surgical planning took another step forward recently, we look at the use of 3D pr [...]

Publicly listed in November 2016, CELLINK (NASDAQ:CELLNK B), Sweden-based manufacturers of bioinks and 3D bioprinters, are releasing a third 3D printer for medical research. 3D Printing Industry spoke to Erik Gatenholm, CELLINK's [...]

A 3D printing start-up from Singapore pland to join the growing market for medical devices enabled by additive manufacturing. Supercraft3D have set up their headquarters in Singapore with $1 million worth of funding from angel inv [...]

Shrunken robotics that can travel inside the body and fix problems are a favourite trope not only of cartoons and science fiction (think Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XV: the family fly a spaceship inside Mr. Burns to find Maggie), [...]

Having announced partnerships with Carbon and HP last year, pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) have now outlined plans to integrate 3D printing into the development of medical devices. Johnson & Johnson hav [...]

The Enable Community Foundation (ECF) are an organization that uses 3D printing in order to create prosthetics for people in the developing world. Recently the non-profit group brought their services to Haiti in order to address t [...]

Speculation on 3D printed tissue coming to humans sooner than we think is backed by new pre-clinical findings from 3D bioprinting company Organovo (NASDAQ:ONVO). Though it will still be 3 – 5 years before the U.S. based Organovo a [...]

After the first industrial revolution shifted the unit of production from the home to the factory, manufacturing became an area far removed from daily life. When you buy an object in a shop, chances are it was manufactured thousan [...]

The conjoined twins who underwent a landmark 27 hour surgery have taken another step towards recovery. Jadon and Anias McDonald were born joined at the head and shared blood vessels until they were separated during an operation su [...]

In 3D bioprinting research, developing functional vessels is a vital task. Harvard are gradually building up kidneys from the tubule level, and Northeastern are studying the vascular properties of 3D printed veins, and numerous ot [...]