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Research conducted at Kitasato University in Japan demonstrates the use of a 3D printable, salt-based ink. The salt ink cuts the cost of 3D printable materials, and also exhibits properties similar to those found in natural bone. [...]

Swiss Dental company Straumann has announced plans to acquire a 3D printing partner. Straumann made a net income of $229 million in 2016, and are looking to invest into the advanced technology. According to CEO Marco Gadola, Strau [...]

A British man has successfully been fitted with a 3D printed titanium sternum in Birmingham, UK. While across the world, doctors in Hong Kong have 3D printed an ankle bone for the victim of a motorcycle accident. The British patie [...]

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced plans to advance the use of 3D printing in dentistry and healthcare at this weeks Arab Health Congress (AHC) in Dubai. This includes plans for the Dental Services department to make greater u [...]

3D Printing Industry are at the 3D Medical Expo 2017 this week to see previews of new 3D design software due for release later this year. Making prosthesis adjustments easier One of the most inspiring software developments at the [...]

The final day of the 3D Medical Expo 2017 in Maastricht, featured a full program of 9 seminars from industry experts looking at the possibilities of 3D Medicine Printing. Adding to an already established industry In relation to ot [...]

New research into "Black Bone" MRI scanning presents a novel technique for incorporating this into 3D printing. The results come from a research project written by authors from the University of Oxford and published by the British [...]

The Temple Health & Bioscience District (THBD) in Texas are supporting the development of medical 3D printing startup SiMMo3D. Offering affordable 3D printed tools for surgical planning, the startup company demonstrates the gr [...]

Meredith and Brent Wright, a married couple from North Carolina have launched LifEnabled to help amputees in the developing world. Making personalized prosthesis is supported by the use of 3D scanning mobile app DigiScan 3D, CNC m [...]

Scientists from the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) have developed a prototype bioprinter that can 3D print functioning skin cells. The team have collaborated with bio-engineering company BioDan Group in order to commercial [...]