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Dr. Thirumurugan S V Mahadhevan, is a medical consultant and healthcare solutions manager at Next Big Innovations Lab. With a background in dentistry, and masters degrees in pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and nanomedicine,  [...]

Medical device company K2M (NASDAQ:KTWO), headquartered in Virginia, has announced that its 3D printed MOJAVE spinal support implant has achieved clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). With this certificatio [...]

It is arguable that the expected uptake of VR has been slower than expected. This may in part be due to cost of the necessary computing power. Inspired by a request from an orthopedic children’s hospital in Nepal, HRDC, a Lake Pla [...]

A $6 million state-of-the-art 3D printing facility is planned for the the city Visakhapatnam in India. Also known as Vizag, the city is the financial capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The additive manufacturing center [...]

Researchers from Boston University College of Engineering have developed a new method for treating ischemia, by 3D printing a vascular patch which encourages blood vessel growth. Ischemia relates to inadequate blood supply to an o [...]

Having revealed plans earlier this year to acquire a 3D printing business, Swiss dental company Straumann has acquired a 35% stake in German 3D printers Rapid Shape. The two companies began a collaborative partnership earlier this [...]

Researchers from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) have developed a process involving a bioprinter that can engineer blood vessels in extracted teeth. The findings are expected to have impact on root canal treatments w [...]

Californian medical device company SI-BONE, creators of the iFuse implant system, has announced FDA clearance and full U.S commercial launch of its 3D printed titanium implant, the iFuse-3D Implant. The innovative medical implant [...]

A team of 3D printing and bionic prosthetic pioneers based in Bristol UK are participating in study that could lead to the wider use of 3D printing as a tool to help amputees. The type of bionic hands produced by Open Bionics were [...]

Imperial College London and the Royal Free Hospital are asking for 6,000 volunteers to have their faces 3D scanned as part of a new study. The purpose of the research is to create a diverse database of faces with different express [...]