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Embracing 3D printing techniques is improving farming efficiency in rural areas of Myanmar. The areas which heavily rely on their work on the land, have been supported with use of rapid prototyping. Proximity Designs, a non-profit [...]

Munich-based chemical company Wacker have announced a new way to 3D print gum as well as a new "Candy2Gum" process. Among their many products Wacker are also a producer of food resins, including those used to make chewing gum, and [...]

3D printing is advancing agriculture and may change how crops are harvested. On the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (9th November) forward thinking individuals gathered in Berlin to evaluate future global challenges. At [...]

Janne Kyttanen is an artist at the cutting edge of digital design. He became a creative director at 3D Systems when the company acquired his 3D printing design and research company Freedom of Creation. Previously on 3DPI we have s [...]

3D food printing company, Natural Machines of Barcelona, bring their Foodini 3D printer to London’s food tech week. Natural Machines co-founder and CEO, Emilio Sepulveda, delivered a short presentation about the Foodini at Maryleb [...]

Columbia University is working on a new 3D food printer that can produce and cook a variety of dishes from frozen base ingredients. They also want to introduce an element of design to home cooking that could turn cooking into an o [...]

The team at 3D Printing Industry previously reported on Food Ink's upcoming stop in London as part of a pop-up dinner series, which showcases 100% 3D printed foods, utensils and furniture. Thankfully, one of our very own was prese [...]

Imagine having quick, easy access to some of your favorite snacks and dishes without harmful additives, preservatives and foreign chemicals that you can't pronounce. It's comforting to think that in the future we won't have to com [...]

It's quite an exciting time for 3D printing. The industry is making unprecedented waves in all ranges of technology from science to art -- and now food. Of course, 3D printed food is no new craze, as cutting-edge chefs around the [...]

New Yorkers are among the harshest food critics on the planet and the city’s Italian community is takes pizza seriously. So it’s big news that the iconic Ribalta restaurant chain in New York and Atlanta will install a Beehex 3D pr [...]