CRP launches Windform® FX BLACK, featured with high impact resistance

On September 21, CRP Technology launched Windform® FX BLACK, the new material within the Windform family of materials for professional 3D Printing.  Image: CRP Technology Impact [...]

AIO Robotics releases new PLA filament

The PLA filament market has been quite competitive given that PLA filament could probably be the most basic material for 3D printing. Even though, new PLA filaments keeps being dev [...]

Predicting the Future: Interview with HP Labs CTO Shane Wall

HP Labs was founded 50 years ago this week, I sat down with the CTO of the ‘original Silicon Valley start-up’ to find out about plans for the next half century. Throughout this yea [...]

EIT Emerging Implant Technologies Receives Investment from SHS

EIT Emerging Implant Technologies GmbH, a Tuttlingen, Germany-based 3D printing specialist, received an investment from SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH. The news wa [...]

New Method for Printing Dentures from Arfona

When it comes to the most suitable field for 3D printing application, the first one I could think of is probably the medical and dental treatment. Our team previously talked about [...]

Mirror-Based 3D Scanning System for Custom Eyewear

Although transparent optical components may seem a little difficult to 3D print, as we discussed in a previous article, 3D printing in eyeglass frames is indeed booming fast. After [...]

FARO® Introduces Freestyle3D Objects, suit forensics, product design

FARO® Introduces Freestyle3D Objects, the first handheld, color laser scanning solution through FARO's Early Adopter (EA) Program specifically for the public safety forensics and p [...]

Twitter now supports Sketchfab embeds

We've been expecting this day for a long time! Twitter has added native Sketchfab support. The news is confirmed on the website of Sketchfab on September 19. Easy to embed The meth [...]

Taiwan sets up 3D printing alliance, aiming for larger global market

Our team once covered a series of 3D priting stories in Taiwan, featured in metal 3D printing, procelain 3D printing, medical and full-color 3D printing, etc. Taiwan's 3D printing [...]

Dassault Systèmes launches SOLIDWORKS 2017

We are quite familiar with the 3DEXPERIENCE Company Dassault Systèmes. Three months ago , our team covered that the French-based company started its collaboration with aviation gia [...]