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Next Dynamics' NexD1 3D printer has backers pledging over half a million dollars on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, for a machine that promises to print electronics and multi-materials. The company describe the NexD1 as the "wor [...]

Dobot M1, the desktop robotic arm that 3D prints, laser engraves, and solders has surpassed its crowdfunding campaign in just 23 hours. Launched on 28 November, Dobot was aimed as a cheaper alternative to industrial robotic arms w [...]

For small start-ups 3D printing can be the perfect tool to transition from an idea into a product. This is what happened with the Australian group behind Monster Crayons. Monster Crayons 4 Kids have created a product aimed at abus [...]

With crowdfunding projects popping up by the hour across sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, funding everything from personalised merchandise to events, it’s actually refreshing to see a project that could truly change people [...]

When I began writing this piece, Robo3D's Kickstarter hadn't even launched yet. And now it has already reached over half its funding goal. But funding was never the end game for the company, who already have production of their ma [...]

UPDATE 19/09: We spoke to one of the people behind the project, Hugh McGahern, and he gave us his insight on the machine. He told us exactly how the junction in the print works, and gave us some pictures as well. We all love a goo [...]

Remember when 3D printing was just for industrial applications? For over two decades rapid prototyping focused on processes for prototyping applications in an industrial capacity, and research was geared towards advanced technolog [...]

Sightline Maps is changing the way we view topographical mapping data with the help of 3D printing, and on the 8th of September they are launching a Kickstarter. The Californian based company created a web based platform that enab [...]

DisTech Automation, a 3D printing company based in Canada, announced the release of its latest product, The Prometheus System. It is a unique product that enables intuitive multi-filament 3D printing, transforming low-cost 3D prin [...]

The Cetus 3D printer is about to go live on Kickstarter and its small footprint means you can find a place for this diminutive creation on most workbenches. It’s also completely portable and you can hack it, so for the engineers a [...]