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3D printing giant Zortrax is celebrating 100,000 Facebook fans by offering five spools of material and free worldwide shipping to anyone that buys an M200 printer. You can access the bundle here, it costs $1990 and you can place y [...]

Updated 03/05/2016 - 1.49pm ET: Will they make it ? Haven’t you always wanted a collection of skulls of some the best known characters on Star Wars? No? We didn’t either, but then we saw this novel Kickstarter and changed our mind [...]

A new fruit printer could inject some fun into your desserts, as well as some cream, if Dovetailed raises the £200,000 it needs to create the first 100 nufood units. It can create specific shapes from pre-packaged liquids and raw [...]

The long-awaited Printrbot Simple v2 is now available for pre-order. The original Printrbot is considered one of the finest starter machines in the business and the addition of handle meant it was portable too. It was also one of [...]

A low budget $49 3D printer has smashed through its Kickstarter goal and the funds just keep rolling in for the Hero101. It claims to be the world’s most affordable 3D printer and we’re struggling to argue with that claim. It has [...]

iNTEGRATOR is a small, desktop SLA 3D printer. It is more accurate and precise than any other 3D printer on the market today. This is what CRAFT3D promise on their Kickstarter page. CRAFT3D is a startup looking to be a big name in [...]

A 3D printed violin could bring this classical instrument to the next generation if the 3Dvarius Kickstarter reaches its goal. This electric violin is a futuristic work of art made from transparent resin and it looks amazing. Free [...]

Free glasses for the blind sounds like an altruistic dream, but the Indiegogo that launched with this very premise hasn’t started well. It sounded like a wonderful goal, helping the poorest people in the world overcome their disab [...]

Makerbot will certainly remain in history as the 3D Printing company that perfectly failed to deliver on its promise with the worse product launch. While the company succeeded in 2012 to introduce 3D Printing to a larger audience [...]

  For generations we’ve had to make do with one-size fits all headphones. Now The Aware has blasted through its Kickstarter goal and is set to change that with a set of tricked out, custom ‘hearables’. The human ear is a tric [...]