3D Printing Investment and Fund Raising Activity

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DateOrganizationFunding typeMoney raised ($M)LeadInvestors3DPI article
11/12/2015XometrySeries C$8.8MHighland Capital Partners
10/20/2013XometrySeries A$4.2M
07/31/2014XometrySeries B$3M
06/29/2017XometrySeries B$15MBMW i VenturesGE Ventures, Highland Capital PartnersLink
02/01/2017XometrySeries A2$7MGE VenturesHighland Capital Partners
07/10/2018XometryLate Stage$25MFoundry GroupAlmaz Capital, BMW i Ventures, GE Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Maryland Venture FundLink
05/10/2018FictivSeries B$15MSinovation VenturesStandford-StartX,Tandon Group, Intel Capital,Accel, FJ Labs, Bill GatesLink
08/18/2016FictivSeries A$10MAccel
07/30/2015MacroFabSeed round$2MTechstars Ventureshigh net worth individuals
10/01/2013MacroFabSeed round$0.1M
04/30/2014MacroFabSeed round$0.6M
01/18/2017MacroFabSeed round$3.05MDentsu Ventures, Enhanced Capital, existing investors
02/15/2018MacroFabStructured Debt$0.3M
11/28/2017FastRadiusSeries A$8.8MDrive CapitalJump Capital, Hyde Park Venture Partners
01/11/2016FastRadiusSeed Round$2.5MUPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, Drive Capital
08/27/20133D hubsSeed round€0.4MBalderton CapitalRockstart Accelerator,Marcel Beemsterboer
09/02/20143D HubsSeries A$4.5MBalderton CapitalDoen participaties, Zeeburg Ventures, Marcel BeemsterboerLink
08/02/20173D HubsSeries B$7MEQT VenturesBalderton Capital, Arthur Kosten, DOEN Participaties, Marcel BeemsterboerLink
05/11/2018Plethora CorpSeries B$8.7MKleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Founders Fund
10/15/2013Plethora CorpSeed Round$1.6MFounders FundGV, Autodesk, Shasta Ventures, Avidan Ross, Jeff Schox, Kate Schox, Michael Staton, Amol Sarva, Amol Sarva, Tim O'Connor, Paul Dabrowski, Michael Dabrowski
10/31/2014Plethora CorpSeries A$5MFounders FundShasta Ventures, Root Ventures, Lux Capital, Jeff Schox, Kate Schox, OS Fund, Eugene Kuznetsov, Michael Dabrowski
09/01/2015Plethora CorpNo stage$9MFounders FundLux Capital, Founders Fund
08/20/2017Plethora CorpNo stage$9MGreat Point VenturesFounders Fund, Lux Capital, Velorum Capital, David Sacks
03/17/20153DiligentSeed Round$0.9M
08/01/20143DiligentAngel Round$0.25MVidinovo angel group
05/03/2016MaketimeSeries A$8MFoundry GroupAlmaz Capital, KSTC,
06/30/2015MaketimeSeries A$2.7MAlmaz Capital
02/01/2018MaketimeVenture Round$3.2M
03/01/2017Link3DAngel round$0.6MRobert Kantor, HK private investors for 300K$
02/27/2018Gravity SketchSeed Round$1.7MForward Partners, Super Ventures, WacomLink
08/20/2015Carbon 3DSeries C$100MGoogle VenturesNorthgate Capital, Sequoia Capital, Silver Lake Kraftwerk, Yuri Milner, Reinet Investments S.C.A, FIS Link
08/19/2014Carbon 3DSeries B$30M
03/19/2014Carbon 3DSeries A$11MSequoia CapitalAutodesk, Northgate Capital, Piedmont Capital Partners, Silver Lake Kraftwerk
09/15/2016Carbon 3DSeries C$81MBMW i Ventures, Google VenturesGE, Nikon, JSR Corp, Sequoia Capital, ARCHina Capital Partners Link
12/20/2017Carbon 3D (now Carbon)Series D$200MBaillie Gifford (Scotland), Fidelity Management & Research Company (U.S.), ARCHINA Capital (HK), Hydra Ventures (the corporate venturing arm of adidas), GE Ventures, Emerson Elemental, Sequoia Capital, Silver Lake Kraftwerk, Reinet Investments, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Link
07/17/2018Mantis VisionSeries D$55MLuenmei Quantum Co. Ltd. and Samsung Catalyst FundLink
06/18/2014Mantis VisionSeries C$12.5MQualcomm VenturesFlextronics' hardware venture arm, Lab IX; Sunny Optical Technology Co., and Samsung
06/03/2015Mantis VisionSeries C$9.7MEclipseQualcomm Ventures, Formation 8
01/24/2014Mantis VisionSeries B$10MSamsung, Flextronics' hardware venture arm, Lab IX
01/01/2011Mantis VisionSeries A$2M Jerusalem Technology Investments (JTI)