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3DLOOK raises $1 million in seed funding to advance 3D body scanning technology

3DLOOK, a California-based body scanning technology startup, has raised $1 million in an investment seed round to develop its Scanning Artificial Intelligence for Apparel (SAIA) 3D body scanning technology.

“This new funding round gives us the opportunity to expedite our aggressive technology and product roadmap and continue to hire the best experts in the fields of computer vision, deep learning and 3D,” said Vadim Rogovskiy CEO and Co-Founder of 3DLOOK.

“The apparel industry is finally embracing the importance of 3D to the entire product lifecycle. 3DLOOK will be the standard for mobile body capture. We’re ready to change the world.”

The perfect fit

Founded in 2016, 3DLOOK has developed the SAIA technology to revolutionize the online shopping experience. Using advanced computer vision algorithms, complex 3D geometry, and neural networks, SAIA enables accurate human body measurement from two photos taken on a mobile device.

Unlike the KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner, a mobile scanning booth for 3D printing full-colour figurines, or 3Dcopysystems’ Big Alice scanning system, SAIA technology does not require any external hardware to conduct full-body 3D scans.

The measurement data gathered from the 3D scans are used within “fit profiles” which create 3D models of an individual to better understand how garments will fit them.

“Additionally, the company collects the database of human body measurements so that brands could build better clothing for all types of body and solve fit and return problems. It will not only allow stores to sell more apparel, it will allow people get the quality apparel,” added Rogovskiy.

3DLOOK have partnered with Koviem, a New-York based bespoke suiting start-up, to advance its SAIA technology. Koviem has since reported a 20% increase in revenue from using the SAIA solution.

The software will be released out of beta in this fall under the name SAIA Perfect Fit.

A customized 3D model created using SAIA technology. Image via 3DLOOK.
A customized 3D model created using SAIA technology. Image via 3DLOOK.

An e-commerce growth strategy

The 3DLOOK team has raised $400,000 to date which brings its total investments to $1.4 million.The recently closed $1 million seed investment round included uVentures, an investment firm based in Houston, Texas, 500 Startups, a global venture capital seed fund headquartered in Silicon Valley, and several angel investors.

“We are thrilled to provide a boost to their ambitious growth strategy,” stated Enis Hulli, Venture Partner at 500 Startups. “Return rates are the ticking time bomb of e-commerce and those numbers escalate each year as online shopping numbers take a greater share of total retail.

“Younger demographics are using their bedrooms as dressing rooms. The fit is a big, big problem and 3DLOOK’s products are very timely.”

The new investment will also accelerate the release of 3DLOOK’s secondary product, SAIA 3D, which captures a maximum of 29 body measurements and generates accurate 3D body models.3DLOOK Co-Founders (left to right): Alex Arapovd, Vadim Rogovskiy, and Ivan Makeev.

3DLOOK Co-Founders (left to right): Alex Arapov, Vadim Rogovskiy, and Ivan Makeev.

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Featured image shows a customized 3D model created using SAIA technology. Image via 3DLOOK.