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A closer look at Revopoint’s new MINI 2 3D scanner: Technical specifications and pricing

Following the RANGE 2 3D scanner launch, Revopoint has launched the much anticipated MINI 2 3D scanner.

Founded in 2014, Revopoint’s 3D scanners, including POP series, RANGE series, INSPIRE, and MIRACO, among others, known for their high-quality performance, portability, and user-friendly design, have positioned the company as a sales leader in the industry. With users in over 150 countries, the company provides accurate, accessible, and affordable 3D scanners to tens of thousands of makers worldwide.

Revopoint’s MINI 2 3D scanner is a powerful tool, catering to diverse needs across industries with its precision, speed, and user-friendly features. Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, heritage preservation, or design, the MINI 2 stands out as a reliable solution for professionals seeking high accuracy in small object scanning, says the company.

Revopoint MINI 2 3D scanner. Photo via Revopoint.

Tapping into the MINI 2 3D scanner’s superior features

The Revopoint MINI 2 is an advanced 3D scanner designed to capture intricate details on small objects with exceptional precision. Utilizing blue light technology, it achieves a single-frame precision of up to 0.02 mm and an impressive accuracy reaching up to 0.05 mm. This means it can reliably capture even the tiniest details on objects.

In terms of scanning capabilities, the MINI 2 is equipped with a maximum single-frame scanning range of 168 mm × 132 mm @ 250 mm. This provides enhanced object tracking and a more versatile approach to capturing various objects. Additionally, the scanner boasts an increased scanning speed of up to 16 fps, making it efficient at capturing details swiftly.

Having undergone significant upgrades, the RGB Camera now features a doubled pixel count and a larger aperture, enabling it to capture more intricate color details. The addition of an LED Flash system enhances color capture by eliminating shadows from objects, resulting in more uniform and realistic color representation. To ensure stability during scans, the MINI 2 is equipped with a 9-axis IMU that measures every movement, eliminating misaligned frames caused by shaky hands or rapid movements, and ensuring the scanner always knows its precise location.

A five-franc coin scanned by Revopoint MINI 2. Image via PUTV.

Regarding connectivity, the MINI 2 features a new USB Type-C port for data, power, and swift setup. Wi-Fi 6 adoption improves connectivity, ensuring lower latency and stability for mobile scanning applications. Leveraging three tactile buttons for scan control, one to start/pause scans and the other two “+/-” buttons for adjusting Depth Cameras’ exposure during the scanning process, the MINI 2’s enhanced control contributes to a user-friendly, convenient, and efficient experience during operation.

The accompanying software, Revo Scan 5, serves as an intuitive portal for 3D scanning and powerful editing. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices, this software supports exporting models in STL, PLY, or OBJ formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of CAD, 3D modeling, and slicer software. 

Revopoint MINI 2 3D scanner: Unleash Precision, Embrace Innovation

According to Revopoint, the MINI 2 3D scanner excels in quality control, reverse engineering, and prototyping, offering a reliable solution for complex tasks in manufacturing. Its precision and versatility ensure the quality and accuracy of manufactured goods. Healthcare professionals can benefit from performing detailed dental mold scans, hand scans, and other non-invasive digital modeling, making the scanner an essential tool for creating precise, customized healthcare solutions.

Revopoint MINI 2 3D provides professionals with an even more user-friendly and efficient small object 3D scanning solution. Photo via Revopoint.

The scanner finds application in digitizing history by contributing to heritage protection, aiding in the preservation of historical objects and artifacts by creating detailed digital replicas and ensuring their longevity and accessibility for future generations. For tasks requiring intricate detail, the MINI 2 streamlines detailed design processes, making it easier to create detailed and sophisticated designs for various purposes.

Moreover, the scanner comes in handy for artists by facilitating the modification and production of figurines and small statues, allowing for precise adjustments and the creation of unique pieces. Priced at $912, the MINI 2 3D scanner includes a comprehensive accessory kit, showcasing Revopoint‘s commitment to providing a holistic solution. From a quick mount kit to various cables, a mini turntable, and a bust statue, the kit ensures that professionals have everything they need for enhanced functionality in their 3D scanning efforts.

Technical specifications of the Revopoint MINI 2 3D scanner

For additional information on the Revopoint MINI 2 3D scanner, visit MINI 2’s product page or check out Revopoint’s social media profiles here.

Product nameMINI 2 3D scanner
Scanning TypeHandheld and DesktopPosition Sensors9-axis IMU
TechnologyDual-camera Blue Structured LightCPU2 core, 1.8GHz
Scannable Object SizeSmallBuilt-in Chip ComputingDepth Map Computing
Single- frame Precision, up to0.02 mmButtons3
Single-frame Accuracy, up to0.05 mmWi-FiWi-Fi 6
Fused Point Distance, up to0.02 mmBluetoothBluetooth 4.1
Working Distance120 mm ~ 250 mmConnector TypeUSB Type-C
Single Capture Range@NearestDistance52 x 64 mm @ 120 mmPower RequirementsDC 5V, 1A
Single Capture Range@FurthestDistance168 x 132 mm @ 250 mmScanner Weight175 g
Angular Field of View, (H x W)40 x 30°Dimensions (L x W x H)132 x 53 x 36 mm
Minimum Scan Volume10 x 10 x 10 mmWhite Flash LEDsDepth Camera Flash LEDs:4
RGB Camera Flash LEDs: 2
Scanning Speed, up to16 fpsRecommended PC RequirementsIntel Core i7, 16 GB RAM or better
Depth Camera Resolution, up to2 MegapixelsCompatible Operating SystemsWindows 10/11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, macOS
RGB Camera Resolution, up to2 MegapixelsOutput File FormatsPLY, OBJ, STL
Color ScanningYesReady to Print 3D Models
Tracking MethodsFeature, MarkerSpecial Object ScanningUse scanning spray for transparent, dark, or highly reflective objects.
Outdoor ScanningNoUser RecalibrationYes
3D Light SourceClass 1 Blue LightSupported AccessoriesDual-axis Turntable, Handheld Stabilizer, Power Bank, Mobile Kit
1. Precision is how close repeated measurements of the same object are to each other. Accuracy is how close a measured value is to the actual (true) value. They were both acquired in a controlled lab environment. Actual results might vary, subject to the operation environment.
2. Class 1 Laser: Avoid direct eye exposure for extended periods. Refer to Standards for Class 1 Lasers for details.
3. Outdoor scans should avoid direct sunlight.
4. MINI 2 has flashing lights, which may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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Featured image shows Revopoint MINI 2 3D scanner. Photo via Revopoint.