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Kodak and Twindom launch 3D scanning booth at CES 2018

Continuing our coverage of 3D printing at CES 2018, 3D body scanning technology company Twindom and Kodak have launched the KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner, a mobile scanning booth for 3D printing full-colour figurines.

The news follows Kodak’s first exhibition of its full 3D Printing Ecosystem at CES 2018, about which 3D Printing Industry spoke to COO of Kodak 3D Printing Demian Gawianski.

From scan to figurine

The KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner combines Twindom’s hybrid 3D scanning technology with Kodak’s imaging and 3D printing. 

The mobile scanning booth includes a special capture laptop and a spare parts kit and may be set up in a variety of locations, including busy ones with heavy foot traffic.

3D scans can be directly routed from the scanning booth to a full-color 3D printer (including the KODAK Portrait 3D printer), or automatically processed using the scanner’s in-built cloud service.

Thanks to the Twindom hybrid capture technology, a single booth can capture groups of up to 14 adults, and can even scan subjects such as animals and children, which are usually in motion.

With fulfilment processed by Kodak, the 3D printed figurine is shipped to a customer’s home address within 3 weeks.

The KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner. Photo via Kodak.

Applications for 3D printed figurines

Twindom’s 3D printed scanners are used in both commercial 3D printing and R&D. According to the company’s long-term vision, everybody will have a 3D model of themselves as part of a digital identity for online shopping, virtual reality, gaming, health and fitness.

“We’re delighted to be working with Kodak to bring 3D body scanning and 3D printing to customers everywhere,” said Will Drevno, co-founder of Twindom, which also offers its own Twindom Twinstant Mobile 3D scanner.

Joel Satin, Kodak VP of brand licensing added that “the KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner’s ease of operation, mobility and competitive pricing positions it as an incredibly exciting and fun application for both professional and consumer applications.”

The KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner will be on display alongside the Kodak 3D printer at CES 2018, in Booth #20612 of Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1.

3D printed Kodak figurines of scanned children. Photo via Kodak.
3D printed Kodak figurines of scanned children. Photo via Kodak.

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The Kodak CES 2018 booth. Photo via Kodak.