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Microsoft have announced the acquisition of Sweden based software Simplygon. The purchase will allow Microsoft access to Simplygon's 3D data optimization solutions and could prove a useful asset to the companies 3D printing ambiti [...]

Project Felix is Adobe’s new cloud-based software that allows graphic designers to combine 2D and 3D images. The program comes with a new 3D model library on Adobe Stock, and 3D Printing Industry spent some time with the software [...]

Siemens continue advancing into the 3D printing industry via a partnership with 3D printer manufacturers, Trumpf. We take a closer look at the implications for the additive manufacturing world. German company Trumpf specialize in [...]

Google have published an open source compression library known as 'Draco' "to improve the storage and transmission of 3D graphics." The files enhance the compression of 3D data and subsequently encourage the growth of 3D related t [...]

Using 3D printing for jewelry design opens up new possibilities for unique crafted objects, but creators need powerful tools. The suite of CAD/CAM software from Type3 is specially designed for industries that require such precisio [...]

While the name Polygonica may be unfamiliar, chances are if you work in the 3D printing industry you have used their product. From an office in the historic manufacturing city of Sheffield, UK, MachineWorks software has been a dri [...]

Autodesk are consolidating their range of 123D apps in favor of Tinkercad, Fusion 360, and ReMake. The changes affect all apps in the range, which have been useful tools for the 3D printing community. The apps include: 123D Design [...]

Materialise have signed an agreement with the largest manufacturing company in Europe, Siemens. This important deal will see the Belgian company integrate their 3D printing software with the industrial user base of Siemens. The ag [...]

France's Sculpteo have announced a new 3D printed metal service called 'Agile Metal Technology' which can discover and fix problems with designs, automate procedures and offers optimization suggestions to facilitate 3D printing me [...]

Sigma Labs of Santa Fe, New Mexico have announced a new contract with Honeywell Aerospace. The project extends work with the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) as part of the Open Manufacturing (OM) program. Sigma La [...]