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First released as a manga series in 1989, Ghost in the Shell has become a seminal work critiquing the digital future. The 1995 animated film of the series has since become cult classic, and the 2017 remake will see the digital dys [...]

If characters such as Mega Man, Ryo (Street Fighter, 1982), Viewtiful Joe or Morrigan (Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, 1994) tickle your imagination, then you are exactly who Capcom is looking for. The Challenge In a new competi [...]

Google have released the first version of their 3D app Toontastic 3D. The application is designed for children and provides an impressive platform in order to create exciting stories. Users can create their own characters and sett [...]

Jackson Gordon is an industrial design student at Philadelphia University. Gordon is the founder of Armatus Designs and was commissioned to make a 3D printed bionic hand. The project's design was inspired by the character Venom Sn [...]

From the man sitting next to you on the metro to Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga, earphones have become the most common piece of wearable tech. As such, a demand has developed for earphones to fit better with people’s personal style. Natura [...]

The imagination behind some of television’s most beloved children’s shows are searching for a new star. WildBrain entertainment studios, who collaborate with companies to create new animated content on Youtube, have launched a com [...]

A Death Star, 2 meters in diameter, from Star Wars is being 3D printed in Spain’s capital city Madrid. It is one in a series of events taking place across the globe this week as people are hit with Star Wars fever - celebrating th [...]

ScanLAB Projects held a workshop last weekend at the Photographer’s Gallery in London creating 3D portraits of participants with 3D laser scanners. After being featured in Monday’s edition of Sliced, ScanLAB has managed to capture [...]

Youtubers Frank Sandqvist and Etika (Of Etika World Network) sparked rumours this week of a leaked Nintendo Switch console. Last night, the team confessed that it had been an elaborate hoax devised through 3D printing by Sandqvist [...]

In the battle for the best supermarket Christmas ad, there is a clear winner for those at 3DPI. Sainsbury’s 2016 stop motion animation of a father who works at a toy factory uses 3D printing to create all the dynamic facial expres [...]