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This is a guest post in our series looking at the future of 3D Printing. To celebrate 5 years of reporting on the 3D printing industry, we’ve invited industry leaders and 3D printing experts to give us their perspective on the nex [...]

Voxelise is a computer aided design (CAD) program developed by UK-based software company Digimania. Its pixelated style is designed to get children into 3D modeling, and allows users to 3D print their creations and Minecraft impor [...]

UK based engineering company Renishaw (LON:RSW) first released their QuantAM software in November 2015. The software is specially designed to work with the company’s industrial selective laser melting (SLM) machines and serves as [...]

3D designing for robotic arms is now easier thanks to a collaboration between Berlin-based 3D printing service providers Trinckle and German selective laser sintering (SLS) company Kuhn-Stoff. Kuhn-Stoff are a partner of metal add [...]

News about changes in management at 3D printing companies and related enterprises continues in early 2017 with the announcement that Autodesk’s CEO Carl Bass will step down. The news comes as hedge funds have taken an increasingly [...]

Software company, Tech Soft 3D from Orgeon, U.S.A, have released new 3D design software in 2017 update. The HOOPS Communicator, HOOPS Publish and HOOPS Exchange have all been updated and given new features. HOOPS is a family of to [...]

Microsoft have announced the acquisition of Sweden based software Simplygon. The purchase will allow Microsoft access to Simplygon's 3D data optimization solutions and could prove a useful asset to the companies 3D printing ambiti [...]

Project Felix is Adobe’s new cloud-based software that allows graphic designers to combine 2D and 3D images. The program comes with a new 3D model library on Adobe Stock, and 3D Printing Industry spent some time with the software [...]

Siemens continue advancing into the 3D printing industry via a partnership with 3D printer manufacturers, Trumpf. We take a closer look at the implications for the additive manufacturing world. German company Trumpf specialize in [...]

Google have published an open source compression library known as 'Draco' "to improve the storage and transmission of 3D graphics." The files enhance the compression of 3D data and subsequently encourage the growth of 3D related t [...]