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Inside the Kodak 3D Printing Ecosystem with COO Demian Gawianski at CES 2018

For the first time this year, Kodak is exhibiting its 3D Printing Ecosystem at CES in Las Vegas. The package includes Kodak’s debut 3D printer and all the kit needed to get started with FDM.

To learn more about the exhibit, 3D Printing Industry speaks to Demian Gawianski, COO of Kodak 3D Printing, Smart International.

Angle view KODAK Portrait 3D Printer. Photo via Kodak.
The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer. Photo via Kodak.

The Kodak 3D Printing Ecosystem

Gawianski describes the Kodak 3D Printing Ecosystem as “an integral solution for the 3D printing professional.”

Essentially, it is comprised of three parts: the Portrait 3D printer, Kodak filament and specially developed software, each designed to “facilitate and enhance the whole 3D printing experience.”

Kodak’s hardware, software and materials trifecta

Kodak’s first ever 3D printer, the Portrait, was released at the end of 2017. It has dual extrusion capabilities, and a fully enclosed build chamber with air filtration, putting it firmly within a professional user base.

The KODAK Portrait 3D printer features dual extruders. Photo via Kodak.
Dual extrusion in the Portrait 3D printer. Photo via Kodak.

At the time of release, Kodak hinted at its forthcoming line of filaments optimized for Portrait 3D printing. Now available online, the range covers PLA, PLA Tough, ABS, HIPS, Nylon 6 and Flex.

The main difference in Kodak’s 3D printer filaments is that they come vacuum-packed – protecting a filament with the lowest moisture rate on the market and boosting the quality of a finished 3D printed part.

Kodak’s filament, as with the Portrait in general, is also third party compatible. Customers can try the low-moisture material on their existing machines, or use a well-loved material from another provider on their new Portrait.

In addition, Kodak has developed its own software for the Portrait including preset parameters for all of its filaments.


Kodak's low moisture absorbent filament. Photo via Kodak.
Kodak’s low moisture, vacuum packed and absorbent filament. Photo via Kodak.

CES 3D printing trends

With the rise of 3D printing specific events there are notably fewer representatives of the industry in recent years. As a 2D printing company in 3D printing world though, it is still proving a successful platform for Kodak.

Gawianski says,

“While this show may have lost attraction for many players in the 3D printing field, we at Kodak consider it a great opportunity to reach professional markets eager to enter 3D printing and that feel confident on a reputed technology leader.”

As far as market movement is concerned, Gawianski adds, “We believe the trend towards a professional market has consolidated. Users are seeking for reliable, repeatable and accurate solutions.”

Find Kodak at CES 2018 by “looking for the big yellow K” in the South Hall. The company is exhibiting at booth number 20612.

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Featured image shows the Kodak Portrait 3D Printer. Photo via Kodak.