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Techniplas hosts Nano Dimension and launch of Nexa3D NXV 3D printer at CES 2018

More news about 3D printing at CES 2018, with Nexa3D showcasing its first professional 3D printer at the Techniplas booth, alongside 3D printed electronics company Nano Dimension.

The new SLA 3D printer uses proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) and structured light matrix technology to manufacture objects at up to 1cm/min and 2700cc/hr. 

As such, the Nexa3D 3D printer is well placed for a range of applications including aerospace, dental, functional prototyping, production tooling and hi-mix low-volume manufacturing.

The Nexa3D NXV with blue lighting. Image via Nexa3D.

A CES 2018 Debut

Avi Reichental is a co-founder of Nexa3D and also former CEO of 3D Systems, and he continues to be highly active in the 3D printing industry, currently working with an impressive range of 3D printer enterprises.

The debut of the Nexa3D NXV 3D printer follows a series of strategic partnerships with other companies. In November 2017, the company formed a partnership with BEGO and XYZprinting, which permitted BEGO to sell special high-speed dental printers manufactured by XYZprinting and branded under Nexa3D.

This was followed by a strategic investment by XYZprinting and crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, which brought the company’s total early-stage funding to $10 million.

Following this investment, Nexa3D has developed a 3D printer that features in addition deep machine learning algorithms to intelligently slice, optimize and adaptively compile complex geometries at a uniform speed of 1cm/min, and a 30 micron XY resolution. 

The Nexa3D NXV also has automotive applications. Photo via Nexa3D.
The Nexa3D NXV also has automotive applications. Photo via Nexa3D.

3D printing as a competitor to injection molding

Reichental described the new $19,950 3D printer as a potential “category maker,” and its release Nexa3D’s participation in an open innovation program run by injection molding company Techniplas (whose additive manufacturing centre head is also Reichental).

Nano Dimension, which counts Reichental amongst its board members has also announced that it will be joining the Techniplas open innovation program, bringing its industrial-grade DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D Printer into the Techniplas additive manufacturing Innovation Center.

“3D printing is an unstoppable force of change in every industry and within it, high-speed 3D printing is the next frontier in additive manufacturing and one that is highly valued by end-users, strategic partners, resellers and investors alike,”

“After several years of bootstrapping through the early stages of proving and nailing our game-changing technology, we are gratified to be here at CES 2018 with some of our early access marquee users and resellers who are partnering with us to validate the scaling of our first product,” said Reichental.

The new Nexa3D  printer will be on display at  Techniplas booth #9100 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 9-12 January 2018.

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Featured image showsNexa3D NXV printer with parts. Photo via Nexa3D.