XYZprinting announces three new partnerships aimed at industrial 3D printing

XYZprinting has announced new commercial partnerships with three different OEMs to increase the range of 3D printing services that it offers.

The Nexa3D, DWS and Sicnova partnerships will see the OEMs creating 3D printers under the XYZprinting brand name. Additionally DWS will market XYZprinting’s DLP machines under its own branding.

Funding for Nexa3D hits $10 million courtesy of XYZprinting and OurCrowd

XYZprinting’s first commercial partnership is with Nexa3D, an OEM of resin based printers for professional use. In its capacity as a strategic investor, XYZprinting has funded Nexa3D’s delivery of SLA printers alongside VC OurCrowd. This brings early stage funding for Nexa3D’s 3D printers to $10 million.

According to Nexa3D CEO Avi Reichental, the Nexa3D “is powered by Nexa3D’s proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and a patented structured light matrix capable of reaching top speeds of 1 cm per minute, which can drastically cut down 3D printing cycles, from hours to minutes.”

As part of the partnership XYZprinting will manufacture and sell Nexa3D printers under the MfgPro 180xPF branding. XYZprinting will also “manufacture other white labelled products on behalf of Nexa3D,” to be marketed across industries.

Explaining the alliance, XYZprinting CEO Simon Shen stated that his company was “pulling all the stops to fast-track to market a disruptive photo-polymeric 3D printer that reimagines SL 3D printing as we know it.”

SLA jewellery by Nexa3D. Photo via XYZprinting/XponentialWorks.
LSPc jewellery by Nexa3D. Photo via XYZprinting/XponentialWorks.

Enhancing SLA and DLP capibilities with DWS

The second commercial partnership is with established Italian 3D printing OEM Digital Wax Systems (DWS).

As part of the partnership, XYZprinting is initially set to manufacture and sell under its own brand a limited range of DWS SLA printers.

Reciprocally, DWS is set to market under its own brand a portfolio of XYZprinting DLP printers, also aimed at the professional market.

Le Yacht Lodge model concept by Garroni Design. Made by Materia Srl using DWS XFAB. Photo via DWS
A model made by Materia Srl using DWS XFAB SLA 3D printer. Photo via DWS

XYZprinting explores 3D printing large format plastic with Sicnova

XYZprinting’s third commercial partnership is with Sicnova 3D, an OEM of large-format industrial grade 3D printers. As part of the agreement, Sicnova’s JCR 1000 and JCR 600 printers will be manufactured under XYZprinting’s branding.

Sicnova’s 3D printers are capable of 3D printing plastic objects up to 1,000 x 600 x 600mm in volume at speeds of 1,000mm per hour and an accuracy of 50 microns.

Sicnova’s 3D printer hardware features a controlled print chamber with heated bed, auto levelling calibration and precision industrial motor controllers. The 3D printer’s 1.75mm printheads feature interchangeable nozzles.

The move is part of XYZ’s wider move into industrial 3D printing, and more specificlaly industrial strength plastic production systems capable of manufacturing jigs and fixtures for functional end use parts.

The JCR 1000 printer produced by Sicnova. Image via Sicnova.
The JCR 1000 printer produced by Sicnova. Image via Sicnova.

From 3D printing community to 3D printing ecosystem

In its announcement XYZprinting stated “one of the fastest ways to accelerate the adoption of affordable industrial strength 3D printing globally is to create the most powerful ecosystem based on collaboration with like-minded innovative companies.”

This announcement follows news of XYZprinting’s forthcoming launch of five new 3D printers at formnext 2017 as part of its expansion into industrial 3D printers. The machines produced from the partnerships will be available in the second half of 2018.

XYZprinting will be exhibitng at formnext 2017 from 14-17 November, at booth D10, Hall 3.1.

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Featured image shows Nexa3D SLA 3D printer with XYZprinting’s MfgPro 180 xPF branding. Photo via XYZprinting/XponentialWorks.

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