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XYZprinting expands into industrial market with five new 3D printers

XYZprinting has announced that it will be expanding its 3D printing capabilities beyond desktop machines, appealing to a range of industries.

The OEM will be launching five new printers with SLS, binder-jet and DLP capabilities. The machines will be aimed at applications ranging from aerospace to jewellery, with some available only to early access customers.

 Laser Sintering with the MfgPro230 xS

One of the new 3D printers available on the early access program (delivering in Q1 of 2018) is the MfgPro230 xS. This laser sintering 3D printer has a build volume of 230x230x230 cm, and especially targeted towards applications in the aerospace, automotive and industrial industries. It has a base price of $60,000.

MfgPro230 xS full specifications

  • Technology – Selective Laser Sintering
  • Compatible materials – Nature PA,Black PA,White PA, Composite PA, Flexible PA, High temperature PA, TPU and PMM
  • Colour – Monochrome
  • Laser Performance – 30W CO2
  • Minimum Layer Thickness – 0.1mm
  • Build Speed – Up to 1.0L/hr
  • N2 System – Inner Gas Control System
  • Net Build Volume – 230x230x230mm
  • Printer dimensions – 146x189x74cm
  • Net weight – 310 Kg
  • Operating power – 220V/20A, Typical 2.5 KW
  • Software – SLS Build/SLS Ware
The MfgPro230 xS. Photo via XYZprinting.
The MfgPro230 xS. Photo via XYZprinting.

Full colour Binder Jetting with PartPro350 xBC

Also available on the early access program is the PartPro350 xBC, a full-colour binder jet printer targeted at designers and architects. It features a removable build tray and is currently priced at $30,000.

PartPro350 xBC full specifications

  • Technology – Binder Jetting
  • Printing Materials – Plaster Powder + Binder (C , M , Y+ Clear)
  • No. of print heads – 1
  • Resolution – 1600 x 1600 dpi
  • Layer thickness – 0.1 mm
  • Net Build Volume – 350 x 222 x 200 mm
  • Compatible file formats – STL, WRL, OBJ, 3MF
  • Printer dimensions – 138 x 77 x 130 cm
  • Weight – 254 Kg
  • Operating power – 100-240V, 2.5 A
  • Slicing Software – BCPware
  • Operating system – Windows 7 /8.1 /10 (64bits)
  • Vertical build speed – 18 mm/hour
A 1600 dpi full colour print by the
A 1600 dpi full colour print by the PartPro350 xBC

DLP high resolution in the new year with the PartPro100 xP

The PartPro100xP is a desktop high-resolution DLP printer capable of printing with rigid, tough or standard resins. The printer is retailing at $2399, and is expected to be available for Q2 2018.

Smiles all round with the Dentpro100 xP

The Dentpro100 xP is directed at biomedical use, and is compatibile with both XYZ’s FDA Class 1 certified Dental resin for tooth modelling and Biomedical resin. It currently retails at $2699, and is expected to also be available in 2018’s second quarter.

For compatiblity with other digital dentistry products, the Dentpro100 xP features connectivity through its USB cable, USB drive or Ethernet connection.

The jewel in the crown, the CastPro100 xP 

The CastPro100 xP is compatible with standard resin and castable resin, making it suitable for both dental and jewellery applications. It is currently retailing at USD2699, and is expected to be available at the same time as the other DLP printings.


From left, PartPro100 xP, CastPro100 xP and Dentpro100 xP

Full colour to full spectrum

XYZprinting filed the patent for powder-based colour 3D printing in March 2017. These new printers mark the first machines launched by XYZprinting since the da Vinci Color. The da Vinci, a full-color 3D printer combining FFF and Inkjet technologies was launched in August.

XYZprinting will be exhibitng at formnext 2017 from 14-17 November, at booth D10, Hall 3.1.

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Featured image shows the PartPro350 xBC. Image via XYZ printing.