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VERASHAPE to launch 5-Axis VSHAPER 3D Printer at formnext

Polish OEM VERASHAPE has announced that it will be launching its 5-axis VSHAPER 3D printing system at formnext 2017.

The FFF printer, produced with the support of Polish National Research and Development Center, utilises a “rotary working platform,” meaning that instead of conventional layer-by-layer 3D printing, all five axes of the machine are used simultaneously on a tilting print-bed.

A five-axis 3D printer

The forthcoming VSHAPER uses “5-axis kinematics equipped with tilting rotary working platform” for an “indexed” 3D printing process, which can transfer the print surface to another surface that was printed earlier. Further information as to how this aspect of the printer functions is yet to be revealed.

However, VERASHAPE has revealed that multiple materials can be 3D printed in one process. This will allow models to be created from reinforced material and “printed elastomeric seals.”

Marek Kantowski, R&D Lead Engineer for VERASHAPE revealed some of the technical details of the printer, such as the active cylindrical workspace of  “with a 300 mm diameter and a 300 mm height” and an integrated tool bank “tool bank allowing the use of few different heads in one printing process.”

Kantowski also added that “Thank to constant temperature inside the working chamber and heated platform, the device can process most of thermoplastic materials.”

VSSHAPER at formnext 2017. Image via VERASHAPE.
VSHAPER at formnext 2017. Image via VERASHAPE.

Work in progress

Work on the printer has, until now, consisted chiefly of R&D. Tomasz Szymański, founder and CEO of VERASHAPE explained that “the conceptual work on the 5-Axis Machine continues, but we have decided to present its effects so that potential customers are included in the technology development process.”

“We invite industry representatives to actively participate in this project – we are open to any suggestions. We strive for the machine, that will become available to purchase in 2019, to meet the expectations of…production companies”

From reward to revelation

In October, VERASHAPE was awarded a Polish Intelligent Development Award, following its prior work with the Polish National Research and Development Center. VERASHAPE was given the award as an “Innovative Company” for producing a “globally innovative additive printer.”

VERASHAPE’s VSHAPER range already comprises a series of 6 3D printers, including machines using SLA and FFF technologies. VERASHAPE will be exhibiting at formnext 2017 hall 3.1, booth F29, 14-17 November.

CEO Tomasz Szymański receives VERASHAPE's innovation award. Photo via VERASHAPE.
CEO Tomasz Szymański receives VERASHAPE’s innovation award. Photo via VERASHAPE.

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Featured image shows a complex reinforced shape, printed by a VSHAPER. Photo via VSHAPER.