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3DCopySystems is introducing 3 Full body scanning booth



3D Scanning booths are becoming more and more popular. We have so many reasons to make a full body scan of ourselves, be for an avatar in a game, a full color Mini-You, a chocolate selfie, or be for making tailored garments or custom prosthetic. A new Austrian company, based in Graz, is introducing to the market not only one, but three scanning systems based on photogrammetry: the Big Alice, the Little Alice and the Alice on the Road.


The company was co-founded in 2015 by Andreas Schwirtz and Christof Kirschner, a duo of seasoned 3D Scanning professionals. Andreas has been running FabberLounge in Vienna since 2013 and Christof is the Managing Director of Graz company LayerLab.net


Big Alice, Little Alice and Alice on the Road


Andreas and his team has selected the photogrammetry scanning technology to build their systems. Indeed this solution enables the capture of moving objects in a fraction of a second. It also captures the colored textures of the products without any contact with them.



This is the largest and highest-resolution system, with 64 DSLR cameras. The booth is 6m x 4m x 2.5 m. It captures perfectly well the shape and the colored texture.



This is a smaller version of the Big Alice, that can accommodate about 2 persons due to the smaller dimensions (4m x 3m x 2,3m). It is built around 112 CMOS cameras.

Both studios are compact, self-contained systems that can be up or down within a few hours. A software control leads comfortably through the scanning process.


Alice_on_the Road_3DCS


This is the latest product from the company. It’s a compact model of the Little Alice, with 96 CMOS camera. It can be setup in one hour, and moved around in a Van. The dimensions are 2,8m x 2,8m x 2,3m. The lower resolution is counterbalanced by a sophisticated projection system.