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Russell Finex sets new standards in automated powder handling with its AMPro Sieve Station Connect

Industrial sieving and filtration solutions provider, Russell Finex has introduced the AMPro Sieve Station Connect, aimed at setting new standards for automated powder handling within the additive manufacturing sector.

The AMPro Sieve Station Connect aims to optimize powder conveyance durations and sieving effectiveness, guaranteeing a consistent supply of ready-to-use powder. Its adaptable configuration allows for easy expansion of printer fleets or adjustment of powder consumption levels. Richard Kay, Sales & Marketing Director at Russell Finex said, “The AMPro Sieve Station has been completely redesigned, offering advanced system monitoring and control, enhanced ergonomics, maintenance efficiency and performance.”

Plug-and-play and advanced connectivity. Photo via Russell Finex.
Plug-and-play and advanced connectivity. Photo via Russell Finex.

A deep dive into AMPro Sieve Station Connect’s capabilities

Among its notable features, the system offers advanced connectivity capabilities for remote optimization and monitoring. Compatible with communication protocols like OPC-UA, it enables users to remotely optimize powder usage and achieve end-to-end powder traceability.

The AMPro Sieve Station Connect is a versatile solution that addresses various powder handling needs in additive manufacturing, says the company. Offering a range of typical uses, it ensures the quality of virgin powder through efficient sieving processes. The build chamber evacuation feature minimizes production downtime by swiftly evacuating loose powder from the build chamber, and establishes a closed-loop powder recovery system by directly connecting to 3D printers. Additionally, the system facilitates easy powder vessel transfer, ensuring the quality of the powder before use. 

Beyond these typical applications, the AMPro Sieve Station Connect boasts enhanced features, including a hygienic and robust sieving system with Russell Compact Sieve technology, Smart Flow technology for automated feed control, a seamless user experience with a user-friendly touchscreen, and enhanced mobility through a re-engineered layout. These advanced features contribute to the system’s overall efficiency, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for automated powder handling in additive manufacturing.

Apart from the AMPro Sieve Station Connect, Russell Finex offers a comprehensive additive manufacturing powder management portfolio including the Russell AMPro Lite, the AMPro Lab, the AMPro 400S EBM, and the AMPro Bulk Storage Tank

In 2022, the Manufacturing Technology Centre tested one of the company’s Russell AMPro Sieve Stations at its National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM) facility resulting in a significant breakthrough in automating metal powder handling

With integrated high-capacity storage and conveying, this modular system ensures the swift reuse of reclaimed powder. Boasting separation accuracy and a one-click operation, the AMPro Sieve Station not only achieves a 75% reduction in sieving times when utilized with an EOS M400 metal 3D printer but also enhances safety by eliminating manual powder handling, marking a pivotal advancement in additive manufacturing efficiency.

Technical specifications of the Russell AMPro systems

ModelSieve Station ConnectLiteLabBulk Storage Tank
(W x D x H)
1015 x 1850 x 2100 mm673 x 1200 x 1795 mm274 x 674 x 1000 mm1119 x 559 x 1612 mm
Weight600 kg285 kg26 kg70 kg
Power supplyExhauster: 3ph, 400VAC, 17A;
Venturi: 3ph, 400VAC, 11A
3ph, 400VAC, 2A1ph, 230VAC, 1An/a
Air supplyExhauster: 6bar (40 l/min);
Venturi: 6bar (1700 l/min)
6bar (30 l/min)n/an/a

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Featured image shows the AMPro Sieve Station Connect system. Photo via Russell Finex.