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Evo 3D printed dental implants secure £4 million investment

Evo Dental, a biotechnology company based in London has secured an £4 million investment from the British Growth Fund (BGF) to advance its 3D printing jaw correction clinics across the UK.

Through the new clinics, Evo Dental will provide its proprietary full jaw dental implant solution, which features digital scanning, prosthesis additive manufacturing, and high-precision milling machines to patients in need of jaw reconstruction.  

“Evo is an example of the best of British craftsmanship, engineering and technology,” said Alistair Brew, Investor at BGF.

“The company has built a reputation for clinical excellence and is at the forefront of a nascent, but potentially very large market and we’re delighted to be backing them.”

An Evo Solution dental implant. Image via Evo Dental.
A bespoke Evo Solution dental implant. Image via Evo Dental.

One-day dental solutions

According to the NHS’ Adult Dental Health survey, more than 5 million people in UK could benefit clinically from dental implant treatments. 3D printing in particular is proving to be a growing technology for the field.

Recognizing this, Dr. R.P. Vijayanarayanan, Founder and CEO of Evo Dental, and a team of dental surgeons, dental technicians, and clinical CAD designers, developed the one-day Evo Solution treatment. This provides bespoke dental prosthetics for full jaw reconstruction surgery.

“Evo is taking what’s possible in dentistry today far beyond the limits of what has previously been available,” added Dr. Vijayanarayanan.

“We’ve combined state-of-the-art engineering, innovation and first-class patient care to deliver a solution for the chronic types of tooth problems that inflict millions of people across the UK.”

Innovation in healthcare treatments

The BGF, that previously invested £4 million in Hobs, the parent group of 3D service bureau Hobs Studio, has invested an estimated £100 million into healthcare and medical technology companies across the UK.

For Evo Dental, the BGF investment was led by Brew, Brew’s follow investor Thomas McDonnell, and George Tsangarides, a BGF Investment Manager.

Currently, Evo Dental have completed more than 3,000 full-arch reconstructions for patients.

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Featured image shows dental technicians inside the Evo Dental laboratory. Photo via Evo Dental.