Nick Hall
Nick Hall
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Nick is a freelance journalist who has covered the cut and thrust of Formula One and the technical side of the supercar industry for the likes of The Sunday Times, Automobile and Penthouse on these shores, Tatler and The National in Dubai. After finally driving an F1 car there was nowhere left to go, so now he is here!

Celica saved by 3D printed part

A car enthusiast turned to her local robotics club, after finding out that a spare part for her car would cost much more than simply making a new one. Yellowknife resident Jan Fullerton is the proud o…

We can print moon rock now

Stanford University has found a way to use 3D scanning and printing to study rocks that we cannot possibly hold in our hands. Their research has been published in the journal, Science. It’s a relative…

Electroloom closes down

Electroloom, which made what it claimed was the world’s first 3D fabric printer, has closed its doors. The company founders have tried in vain to raise more funds and have finally raised the white fla…

The 3D birth of the Olympic logo

The 2016 Rio Olympics has proudly displayed its logo, but have you noticed anything different? It’s the first Olympic emblem to be produced in three dimensions. Inevitably 3D printing played a part, b…

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