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Lydia Mahon
Lydia Mahon
A Product Designer and overall creative person, with a passion for all things design. I have a particular interest in cosplay and the violin, but I'm an explorer of many mediums.

So we've already heard about an adult who 3D printed a hand for a young boy, but what about a young boy who printed a hand for an adult? Calramon, his brother and his father Carlos have been working hard on a wide range of project [...]

Those who are experienced with 3D printers already know the perils of awkwardly vibrating print beds and slipping belts leading to print shifts. However, Fenner Precision and NinjaTek have released a new NinjaTek™ high torque timi [...]

The Stratasys Fortus 360mc is responsible for the latest mechanical developments in De Beers Technologies production system, and it looks like they'll be investing in the world of 3D printing for longer than initially expected. De [...]

Digital scanning has been a particularly useful tool for many historic sites over years, as excavating them can often cause more damage than good, leaving a destroyed piece of history that no one can enjoy. The method of preservin [...]

A journal has been published detailing a study on the development on a hybrid polymer, which could be used to print scaffolds for cells to grow, creating engineered tissues. In these incredibly specialized niche areas, you wouldn' [...]

The Digical Show is set to make its first appearance September 30th, and will be showcasing a wide range of innovations and new products, as well as many other interesting and inventive things to see. This UK based event has been [...]

Apple has patents pending for 3D scanning technology which could feature in the iPhone 7 when it's released. It's the same idea behind Intel's RealSense Camera, which has already been incorporated into some PC's and mobile devices [...]

"Everyone, I Have A Very Dramatic Announcement. So Anyone With A Weak Heart Should Leave Now. Goodbye." - Professor Farnsworth Long-Time Futurama Fan and brains behind Chaos Core Tech, Garrett Kearney, has modelled and printed a m [...]

A pop-up shop, Katjes Magic Candy Factory, is being set up at The Custard Factory in Digbeth in Birmingham, England in celebration on Roald Dahl's 100th birthday, and its set to be a blast! The team at the Birmingham store, credi [...]

Since the the rise of the refugee crisis in Greece, it has left thousands of people displaced in a country they don't feel welcome in, with little to no way of interacting with the locals. People stranded in Greece have felt the b [...]