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NinjaTek Releases New Longer-Life Parts

Those who are experienced with 3D printers already know the perils of awkwardly vibrating print beds and slipping belts leading to print shifts. However, Fenner Precision and NinjaTek have released a new NinjaTek high torque timing belts and fuser rollers range.

It is hoped these parts will help curb the problems associated with these parts, which usually put printers out of work for some time, causing problems and delays for companies and individuals who rely on them. The belts created by NinjaTek are said to be quiet, non-dusting and long-lasting, allowing the printers requiring them to perform better whilst also lasting longer. Their Curvilinear profile timing belts belts are said to also transmit more power than others of the sort on the market. Fenner Precision has been an extensive supplier to major OEMs globally in the printer market, and their experience has greatly helped them in designing the 3D printer part range.

As 3D printing technology has broken off into various applications and become more tailored to those particular industries, creating reliable parts in different sizes has still remained an important part within the 3D printing market. Fenner Precision® belts have been designed to be compatible with more compact printers, which is particularly important for people who have smaller printers, such as domestic tabletop printers.

“Fenner Precision has supplied high quality products to printer manufacturers globally for over 30 years. With our new NinjaTek line, we can further expand our capabilities in the 3D printing market space with a brand that offers quality and performance,” said Tony Carter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fenner Precision.

Wendy Booker, Vice President and General Manager, NinjaTek, said, “The quality and performance of Fenner Precision products, recognized globally in the printing market, aligns well with the NinjaTek 3D printing materials products to offer a more comprehensive 3D solutions portfolio.”


About Fenner Precision

Fenner Precision is a global engineered solutions leader with a single-minded purpose: to provide world class, precision-engineered elastomeric solutions that help customers succeed. With markets reaching Imaging, Motion Control, Transportation, Infrastructure and Industrial applications, Fenner Precision reaches customers around the globe who need technical and manufacturing expertise for precise applications. For more information, please visit fennerprecision.com.

About NinjaTek

NinjaTek is the 3D printing materials division of Fenner Drives, a sister business unit to Fenner Precision. With a focus on high performance materials, NinjaTek leverages the ISO 9001 certified production capabilities of Fenner Drives to create and manufacture high quality 3D printing materials. Fenner Drives designs, manufactures and sells customized solutions for power transmission, motion transfer, and conveying applications. For more information, please visit www.ninjatek.com.