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Palette is a tool from Canada's Mosaic Manufacturing. Instead of requiring multi-nozzles or upgrades to the printer, this Arduino-based system works side by side with a FFF 3D printer to create multi-material objects in up to four [...]

U.S. non-profit, Field Ready, is using 3D printing to resolve some of the lasting affects of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The work done by Field Ready found that 3D printers are a useful tool for remote areas like the mountainous Ne [...]

In this Sliced: 3D Printing Digest, we feature, BeeHex, Lux Capital, Renishaw, the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), Igus, and SUNY New Paltz. BeeHex receives $1 million in funding for 3D printed pizzas 3D printe [...]

The STARTT 3D printer aims to get first-timers started in the world of 3D printing. The 3D printer is the product of 3 years of research and feedback by 3D designers, engineers, makers and enthusiasts, and is bringing 3D printing [...]

In this extended edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry digest, we feature: Duke University, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, WASP, 3D food printing, Duke University, Arkema, PEKK, Type A Machines, Stacker, Renishaw, RA [...]

In this edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry digest, we feature Artec 3D, Threeding, ColorFabb, NeoMetrix Technologies, Creaform, EnvisionTec, Twindom, Zahn Dental, and Formlabs. 3D Scanning to preserve historic artifacts 3 [...]

Winbo, a Chinese 3D printing company, are the creators of the Super Helper 3D printer, the dual nozzle Cooper machine and a wide array of 3D printing filaments. In addition to these products Winbo also provides 3D printers that ar [...]

Research at the University of Akron, Ohio has developed a new method of 3D printing by extruding inks from a nozzle in layers and using light to simultaneously cure it. The technique is termed “Direct-print photopolymerization for [...]

In this edition of Sliced, we feature 3D printing industry news about Fishy Filaments, Chuck Hall, MinNature Malaysia, Team Penske, Stratasys, and EchoPixel. Fishy Filament  Adidas has made headlines in the last year for their Ult [...]

Slicing the latest 3D printing news you may have missed, today we have: Rocket Lab, Tiko, atum3D, 3D Center, TechSoft, America Makes, Lucideon, and Sintavia. Tehran add bioprinter Researchers at the Royan Institute in Tehran, Iran [...]