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Slice Engineering Mosquito Prime hotend targets speed and reliability in 3D printing

Florida-based Slice Engineering has launched its latest hotend, dubbed Mosquito Prime, at the RAPID + TCT 2023 show.

Slice Engineering believes additive manufacturing continues to approach equivalence with conventional manufacturing techniques, there has been an increasing demand for enhanced 3D printing speed and reliability. Recognizing this need, Slice Engineering has created a novel industrial hotend that prioritizes faster filament 3D printing, particularly with challenging materials such as TPU. The Mosquito Prime hotend incorporates enhanced thermal engineering and lightweight construction, enabling accurate and consistent high-flow extrusion, resulting in consistently high-quality prints.

“As industrial customers increasingly demand faster and more efficient printing, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive the industry forward,” said Daniel Barousse, CEO and Co-Founder of Slice Engineering. “We believe Mosquito Prime will change the game for printing efficiency, speed, and reliability, and we are excited to see what our customers will create with it.”

The Mosquito Prime hotend. Image via Slice Engineering.
The Mosquito Prime hotend. Image via Slice Engineering.

A hotend with enhanced performance and versatility

The Mosquito Prime features an extended 61 mm melt zone, promoting effective heat transfer and even temperature distribution as the filament comes into direct contact with the hot block. With its distinctive dual heater configuration of 150 W, Mosquito Prime facilitates rapid filament melting, achieving a maximum volumetric flow rate of up to 116 mm3/s (516 g/hr) with PLA and 64 mm3/s (280 g/hr) with TPU.

Inside the hot block of Mosquito Prime, there is a flow-splitting die that divides the molten plastic into three streams. This design feature ensures a smooth and continuous flow, resulting in a fast and effective 3D printing process. By promoting laminar flow and reducing internal turbulence, the flow-splitting die improves extrusion efficiency and consistently produces high-quality 3D prints.

The Mosquito Prime, an addition to the Mosquito series of hotends, incorporates a copper alloy hot block capable of withstanding temperatures up to 500°C, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of materials. Its sturdy “roll cage” design provides increased durability. Moreover, Mosquito Prime’s “distinct feature” the Bimetallic Heat Break, effectively isolates the cold block thermally to prevent filament clogs.

Mosquito Prime accommodates three temperature sensors, with one assigned to each temperature zone. Additionally, a third temperature sensor is included for redundancy and safety purposes. It is designed to be compatible with RepRap style nozzles, featuring M6 x 1.0 threads with a thread length of 7 mm. Furthermore, it is also compatible with the Mosquito Magnum+ Convection Shield.

Mosquito Prime provides fast and consistent extrusion. Image via Slice Engineering.
Mosquito Prime provides fast and consistent extrusion. Image via Slice Engineering.

Technical specifications and pricing

Dimensions19.95 x 25.1 x 88 mm
Mass103 – 140 g
CoolingAir, Liquid, or Conduction
Filament Diameter1.75 mm or 2.85 mm
Temperature Rating500°C
Maximum Flow Rate Capacity – PLA (1.4 mm nozzle)116 mm3/s
Maximum Flow Rate Capacity – TPU (1.4 mm nozzle)64 mm3/s
Nozzle CompatibilityRepRap (M6 x 1.0 threads, 7 mm thread length)
Maximum Heating Power150 W
Temperature Sensor Compatibility15 mm length, ø 3 mm
Number of Temperature SensorsUp to 3

Potential customers can place their orders at Slice Engineering’s online store

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Featured image shows the Mosquito Prime hotend. Image via Slice Engineering.