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Airbus has applied for a patent that could change the face of a vehicle design and could well have wider applications. In essence the aerospace company has found a way to create a shell-like structure that the 3D print is laid int [...]

A team of students at the University of California San Diego beat some of the world’s biggest space agencies and launched a rocket with a 3D printed engine on May 21st. The university’s Students for the Exploration and Development [...]

Aerospace giant Airbus Group has unveiled the stunning ‘Light Rider’ electric motorcycle that uses state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques to strip weight. APWorks, part of the Airbius Group, is responsible for the bike and a vast [...]

We all agree that 3D printing will change the world and change the very concept of manufacturing, but it isn’t just working for the good people. Criminals are also making use of 3D printing and they’re getting increasingly creativ [...]

HP has just developed a new 3D printing system for large scale manufacturing, the world’s first. Nine companies have signed up to use it, BMW and Nike being the largest of the bunch. Stephen Nigro, head of HP’s 3D printing busines [...]

Parcel company UPS has done a deal with SAP SE to create end-to-end manufacturing that could change the whole logistics industry. UPS can see a major change coming. The concept is simple, local production of a vast number of compo [...]

Communitech's annual Tech Leadership Conference (TLC) which was held last Thursday, May 12th of 2016 at Bingemans in Kitchener, counted with more than 800 spectators and aims to answer the big questions that the unexpected challen [...]

A real-life Batmobile is currently racing across Europe in the Gumball 3000 Rally and 3D printing played its part in the finished product. Palmiga Innovation contributed in some small way to the dramatic look of the finished car t [...]

Local Motors has taken the world’s first 3D printed car on tour and will display the Strati in downtown Knoxville. The car that could change the world will take pride of place in Market Square in downtown Knoxville today at 10am. [...]

South Koerea is investing in 3D printing. We have seen great 3D printers coming from the Asian country, such as the Cubicon 3D printer from HyVision. We just heard today that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has decided [...]