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While UK architect William Stanley has recently launched a 3D printed jewelry shop, with which to execute his 3D printable creativity, it may be his 3D printed Skele-structure sculpture that stands heads above some of the other 3D [...]

Starting off back in 2013 with a strict focus on customizable 3D printed charm bracelets, the 3D jewelry platform Zazzy has quickly expanded into new territories both inside and outside the of the jewelry market. After venturing i [...]

3D printing technology can be used in a multitude of ways, from creating jewelry with complex design to aiding in an artistic statement about certain social issues, we have seen the ability it gives us to truly express ourselves i [...]

Ever since it was established, Autodesk Spark sparked questions on what its actual goals and practical objectives were. While in Israel I figured I would take a look for myself at the Autodesk Israel 16th floor office, where most [...]

Personalized 3D printed jewelry and accessory marketplace have been popping up all over the internet and the world, impacting the jewelry market with more convenient and customizable manufacturing methods. One new Hong Kong-based [...]

A person's voice are completely unique to the speaker and may be even more distinctive than finger prints. Now, a Kickstarter was recently launched for Wavelet, which designs unique bracelets for customers using their own sound wa [...]

Francis Bitonti is one of the pioneers of using 3D printing technology in order to innovate and amaze the fashion industry. The New York City-based fashion designer has collaborated to create amazing 3D printed fashion accessories [...]

Coming from an e-commerce heavy and tech-savvy background from within Silicon Valley - where she worked for established companies like eBay, Hulu, and Modnique - I’ll go ahead and assume that Ivka Adam, the CEO and founder of Icon [...]

Known internationally as one of the premier designer jewelry and silverware events, the UK-based Goldsmiths’ Fair is a celebration of the most creative and aesthetically pleasing trinkets produced in all of Great Britain. The even [...]

Jewelrythis, the social marketplace for 3D jewelry designs that we covered last year, has been gaining momentum and industry recognition in the jewelry sector for its ability to meet the demand for easily accessible, 3D printable [...]