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Tyler Koslow
Tyler Koslow
Tyler Koslow is a Brooklyn-based writer for 3D Printing Industry, and has also produced content for publications and companies such as Dell, Brooklyn Magazine, and Equity Arcade. His content is focused on a wide range of topics including tech, gaming, and music . Tyler is also a habitual instrument player, a writer of fiction, and generally all around fun haver. Tyler received a Bachelor’s degree studying English-Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida in 2008.

One major way that the medical industry has been impacted by 3D printing technology is with patient-specific 3D modeling, which has allowed doctors to accurately prepare for intensive procedures. BMC Anesthesiology, an open access [...]

Up on seventh floor of the NYDesigns incubator, which is located in Long Island City, Queens, sits a relatively small 3D printing company focused on some big-time innovation. The startup, called BotFactory, was founded in July 201 [...]

As the 3D scanning market is set to expand over the next few years, the Swedish-based company Hexagon AB is preparing for the expected market boom with a new acquisition. Acting as one of the leading global providers of informatio [...]

Earlier this week, we covered the success and failures of 3D scanning devices on Kickstarter, many of which never reached their goal or delivered their product. But there’s a vast market for 3D scanning technology outside of the c [...]

Although size limitations are one of the major setbacks stopping the 3D printing revolution from fully blossoming, that hasn’t stopped companies from implementing the technology into new construction methods. Whether it be the lar [...]

One application that 3D printing technology stands to benefit greatly, but still needs a heft amount of research in, is the manufacturing of optics. While companies such as LUXeXcel have been working to replace injection molded op [...]

If you’re a 3D printing enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about the Arizona-based car manufacturer Local Motors, who have established themselves as the leading innovator in 3D printed automobiles since debuting the first 3D printe [...]

It’s been quite a while since M3D succeeded in an overwhelming fashion with the Kickstarter campaign for their micro-sized desktop 3D printer, the M3D Micro, which raised an unbelievable $3,401,361 overall since launching back in [...]

Back in March, we reported on the newly released material from one the leading 3D printing filament manufacturers, the Netherlands-based colorFabb, the colorFab_HT. The filament, which was produced with Eastman Amphora’s HT5300 3D [...]

Anyone who has explored around the vast landscape of the Internet during the last few years has likely heard a Kickstarter horror story or two. Some of us my be crowdfunders ourselves, and while many innovations have found success [...]