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Michael Molitch-Hou
Michael Molitch-Hou
Michael Molitch-Hou previously served as Editor-in-Chief of 3D Printing Industry, he is now the Editor of Engineering . com's 3D printing section. He has covered additive manufacturing technology day in and day out since 2012 and has hundreds of article to his credit. He is the founder of The Reality Institute.

3D printing has, in some ways, had its biggest, yet simplest impacts in the field of medicine through the development of 3D printed medical models. By translating existing medical data, from CT and MRI scans, into 3D printed model [...]

At the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, researchers are currently exploring possibilities for creating a new generation of helmet that will go a long way to protecting athletes, soldiers, and anyone who wears protective gea [...]

As the White House preps for the National Week of Making, this June 17 -23, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hosted its annual White House Science Fair, where the POTUS met with the country's brilliant young students to see what tomorrow' [...]

US distributor DesignBox3D applies a specific selection process for the 3D printers they choose to represent, which sees them test machines rigorously before selling them in the United States. So, while they US products like the S [...]

Winner of a recent award at SXSW, Wevolver hosts some of the most interesting open source projects around. Among them are Gaël Langevin's InMoov robot and the exiii-HACKberry bionic limb. The latest from the impressive open source [...]

While BMW and Bentley propose nearly impossible concept cars with shape-shifting wheel wells and holographic butlers, you can always turn to Toyota for something practical. Toyota's new concept car, the uBox, allows for transforma [...]

Since the Smart Extruder debacle of 2014, MakerBot has had a tenuous grip on the desktop 3D printing market in North America. 3D Hubs' monthly Trend Reports still list the Replicator 2 as one of the most popular low-cost machines [...]

If your RepRap is all out of rep, your Cube is discontinued, or you were just never able to get your hands on a 3D printer, you may be in luck. 3D Hubs and Instructables have just teamed up for what they're calling the biggest 3D [...]

As popular as the LulzBot TAZ and Mini have proven to be, their all-metal hotends have suffered from one issue that Aleph Objects has sought to rectify through the release of new extruders. When 3D printing with flexible materials [...]

Today, 3D printable warehouse MyMiniFactory announced a new program meant to provide a new way of generating revenue for their designers. Dubbed MyMiniFactory Studios, the platform is designed for "the most talented designers" to [...]