Hyrel Quad Extruders Print Simultaneously


Hyrel 3D has already broken a lot of ground in desktop manufacturing by developing unique extruder heads capable of printing in a wide range of materials, including clay, play-doh, rubber, and more. Their machines are pretty powerful with the ability to accommodate up to four, interchangeable extruders for printing with multiple materials and colours. Most recently, Hyrel 3D has put their dexterous devices to the test once again by printing four objects using all four of their extruders simultaneously. Just watch:

The printheads in the above video have been independently programmed to carry out their own tasks, making it possible to produce four identical objects at the same time. This capability is best suited for those who plan on producing products en masse. Rather than printing each copy individually, or even laying out four copies on a single build plate to be printed by a sole extruder, Hyrel’s quad extruders can manufacture them all at once, increasing the production efficiency fourfold.  For four times the efficiency, it may well be worth the almost $4,000 price tag attached to the Hyrel 3D Printer.