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Jenny Shang
Jenny Shang
A Chinese interpreter living in London. Love music, drawing, biology and astronomy.

If you haven't been to the Digical Show today, you definitely should go tomorrow. The activity held by London-based iMakr lasts for two days and aims to bring together all the latest developments in the desktop 3D printing and 3D [...]

Businessmen busy talking and exchanging cards, machines working nonstop, customers trying new products - this is what you would see in an event like the TCT Show. For me, I'm particularly curious about what's underneath the boomin [...]

As I've said before, the TCT was such a big show that one simply couldn't finish visiting all the booths within a short day. The use cases presented here are those impressed me by coincidence. Let's have a good look at them. Warwi [...]

I went to the TCT Show in Birmingham today. To be honest, I was really astonished by the scale of this show - you just couldn't visit all the booths within a short day and you constantly got lost in the booth maze. Image: 3D Prin [...]

A craftsman sitting at a workbench , carefully carving the gemstone in his hand with his look dedicated - this could be the scene we used to see in old movies and this is what most common for jewellery production in the past.  As [...]

A startup team in Poland is recently planing a 3D printing project that may sound astonishing for all of us: the 3D printed Światowid nanosatellite. If succeed, it would become the first Polish-made commercial and private satellit [...]

On September 21, CRP Technology launched Windform® FX BLACK, the new material within the Windform family of materials for professional 3D Printing.  Image: CRP Technology Impact Resistance Windform® FX BLACK is polyamide based m [...]

The PLA filament market has been quite competitive given that PLA filament could probably be the most basic material for 3D printing. Even though, new PLA filaments keeps being developed with small or big improvements. Non-proprie [...]

EIT Emerging Implant Technologies GmbH, a Tuttlingen, Germany-based 3D printing specialist, received an investment from SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH. The news was confirmed on September 22. 3D Printed Implants 3 [...]

When it comes to the most suitable field for 3D printing application, the first one I could think of is probably the medical and dental treatment. Our team previously talked about how additive manufacturing is influencing these in [...]