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SatRevolution to 3D print the first private Polish satellite

A startup team in Poland is recently planing a 3D printing project that may sound astonishing for all of us: the 3D printed Światowid nanosatellite. If succeed, it would become the first Polish-made commercial and private satellite. According to the developers from SatRevolution, the launch is expected in the third quarter of 2017.

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Światowid was designed to perform detailed studies of changes in the magnetic field and the Earth gravity. The satellite will have a parallelepiped shape with dimensions 10x10x20 cm. The entire structure was made in 3D printing technology, which provides high durability, low weight, the optimal shape of the individual parts and very accurate fit. It is very important that a suitable form of individual components will allow for accurate placement of modules within the satellite.

Image: press materials
Image: press materials

Other Properties

Inside Światowid, there will be a retractable handle to protect the camera lenses from damage. All electronic components are rigidly fastened and separated from each other. They are set to be isolated so as to reduce the tempreture build-up.

Housing satellite is made of a special alloy aluminum profiled wall. This provides resistance to cosmic radiation and vibration occured during the flight. High durability of external elements enables Światowida to resist frequent and rapid changes of temperature which could vary from -150 to 300 degrees Celsius.

The satellite will use an advanced system of photovoltaic panels to sensor the position of the sun and the antenna aimed at Earth.

Światowid was prepared to attach the tube launchers P-POD (Poly-Picosatellite Orbital Deployer, Orbital launcher for many Pikosatelitów). It has a tubular structure with dimensions 10x10x34 cm, minimizing the risk of interaction between the load and the rocket.

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

Startup is Speeding Up

“Technologies that we use in the project Światowid are no doubt an innovation in the Polish market. Our highly qualified engineering team creates solutions that are used in satellites for the first time” (Gregory Zwoliński, co-founder of SatREVOLUTION)

SatRevolution was founded by the creator of the T-Bull, a Polish company which manufactures mobile games. SatRevolution is focused exclusively on space activities, as defined by its creator – a startup of new technology that could be the first Polish company to specialize in the development and mass production of artificial satellites for international space agencies and other entities from the private and public sector. It will also conduct research into other solutions in the field of space technology.

Feature Image: SatREVOLUTION