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CRP launches Windform® FX BLACK, featured with high impact resistance

On September 21, CRP Technology launched Windform® FX BLACK, the new material within the Windform family of materials for professional 3D Printing. 

Image: CRP Technology
Image: CRP Technology

Impact Resistance

Windform® FX BLACK is polyamide based material with a dark black color. Designed to guarantee consistent performance on repeatable jobs, the material is said to show excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures. Its consistency and behaviour are similar to polypropylene and ABS injection moulded parts. As described on its website, the end-parts made by this material do not need any post-production treatments. This is because the material has an excellent surface finish in its sintered state.

If we compare it with FDM Nylon 12, a common material used in SLS, we will find that the data of Windform® FX BLACK is indeed very high in terms of its tensile modulus, flexural modulus and elongation at break. This could be the reason why this new material is particularly durable and impact resistance.


Windform® FX BLACK can be considered a valuable material in various functional applications. Applications include:

  • flexible components and functional parts with living hinges or clip fittings.
  • It is also suitable for ducting of complex shapes
  • thin walled connectors with snap-fit systems

“It is thanks to this feature that Windform® FX BLACK is suitable for applications for winter sports industry.” (Franco Cevolini, CEO of CRP Group)

Image: CRP Technology
Image: CRP Technology

These applications indicated are examples. Windform® FX BLACK is also suitable for applications which require accurate and superior definition. In addition, more customizations are available according to CRP Technology.

We also recommend it for design applications that require a strong visual impact. CRP lends form and substance to everyone’s most creative ideas with Windform® FX BLACK.” (Franco Cevolini, CEO of CRP Group)

Feature Image: CRP Technology