3D Hubs Sends Out Latest Trend Report for February, 2016

As 3D Hubs reaches over 26,500 printers in over 150 countries, the distributed 3D printing network continues to pump out monthly trend reports, fueled by their extensive user data. So, with a new month, comes a new Trend Report, detailing what’s new with the 3D Hubs network this February, 2016.

3D Hubs trend report february 2016 3D printingThis month sees the PowerSpec 3D Pro remain as one of the highest rated printers on the list, just ahead of the Prusa Steel, the Velleman K8400, the CEL Robox, and the Afinia H480. On the industrial front, the Objet Eden260 leads, followed by several varieties of ProJet machines and the EOSINT P 760, reflecting the growing portfolio of “HD” printers on the 3D Hubs network. The ~$350 da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D printer from XYZprinting is the number one trending printer on the site, outpacing the Form 2, now at #3.

The Prusa i3 is increasing in popularity, as there are now 2,000 i3s in the 3D Hubs community.  At the same time, there are now 3,000 MakerBot printers in the community, as well. Unlike previous Trend Reports, this appears to be the first to forgo using RepRap as a “manufacturer”, instead using the broader category of “Other”.

For the full Trend Report, head over to the 3D Hubs site. And make sure to stay tuned for next month’s Trend Report, same trend-time, same trend-channel.