3D Hubs Teams with Autodesk Tinkerplay & Awesome Robot Contest Ensues

Did you ever want to build your own toy as a kid? I think I tried to melt some toys together a few times, but I’m not sure it was the new toy that I had in mind.  But, as you can imagine, with 3D printing and 3D software becoming more user friendly, the opportunity exists in a real (and safe) way for kids to imagine, point, click and create cool toys.
Now, ever use Autodesk Tinkerplay or 3D Hubs?  The Tinkerplay app (to be released this Wednesday) allows you to visually assemble your own toy by dragging and dropping different body parts, customizing different surface textures, and mixing and matching different colors to create your own unique character.  And, now, you can print the creation you create through 3D Hubs 3D printing community without leaving the app itself.  Just one of the latest partnerships being made by 3D Hubs this year (which also includes Thingiverse, Sketchfab, and colorFabb).


To celebrate this new partnership, 3D Hubs is having a contest! Starting today and ending this Sunday, June 28th, you will get a chance to win a 3D printed version of the Tinkerplay robot you create.  A winner will be chosen every day, and all you have to do to enter is post your design on Facebook or Instagram, and tag it with #3dhubsxrobot.