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3D Hubs Launches Special Filament Workshop Worldwide

For the past two years, 3D Hubs, the world’s largest distributed network of 3D printers, has been growing its community through meet-ups in countries all over the world.  At these events, 3D printing experts and beginners alike have been able to connect and share knowledge around the technology.  This year, the online community is taking these global meet-ups a step further, launching a new series of workshops in which attendees will get hands on experience with exciting new products recently released to the 3D printing industry.  The first such workshop series revolves around Dutch filament supplier Colorfabb and its impressive new carbon fiber feedstock, Carbon XT-C20.


Recently, 3D Hubs kicked off its first two Special Filament Workshops in Amsterdam and New York.  Organized in partnership with Colorfabb, workshop attendees were able to use Colorfabb’s new carbon fiber filament, to learn which printers and print settings are best for the new material and just what sorts of applications are possible with the filament. In addition to learning how to use Carbon XT-C20, and other specialty filaments, attendees were all given a custom-made Colorfabb sample pack containing the new special filament.

3D Hubs colorfabb 3D printing filament workshop

Upon the success of these two successful pilots, 3D Hubs is taking the Special Filament Workshop on tour around the world, in conjunction with Colorfabb, and with 3DPI as a media partner.  Below is a list of the events planned so far, with many more to come:

To attend any of the 3D Hubs events, tickets can be purchased via the 3D Hubs event page, with ticket prices set at €12.50, £12.50 or $15.  Included in this price are the following:

  • Exclusive Filament [275g] Sample Pack (retail value: €20)
  • Sample of the new ColorFabb special filament
  • Filament workshop
  • Drinks & snacks

We’ll be continuing to add events to 3DPI’s event calendar, so be sure to check for the Special Filament Workshop coming to your town, soon.  This is just the beginning for the 3D Hubs’ new event series, so stay tuned for more exciting developments.