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3D Printing & Policy: Public Knowledge Announces 4th Annual 3D/DC Event

DC-based public interest group, Public Knowledge announced yesterday that it will be hosting the Fourth Annual 3D/DC event on Capitol Hill on April 29. Policymakers, members of the public, and 3D printing companies from across the country will connect to discuss legislative regulations and policies surrounding 3D printing.  If you go, you’ll get a chance to see 3D printing-oriented policy panels in action, as well as open up some conversations with participants.

625x465_1085046_6057773_1408844437Michael Weinberg, Senior Vice President at Public Knowledge, said of the event, “We are excited to announce that the world of 3D printing is coming back to Washington, DC this spring. On April 29 we will host 3D/DC 2015, our fourth (mostly) annual bacchanalia of 3D printing and policy. This is the premiere 3D printing policy event of the year, bringing together the 3D printing world with the world of policy. This year we are bringing panels back. 3D/DC 2015 will feature panels on IP, medical applications, distributed manufacturing, fostering the development of small businesses, and education. Along with the current lineup, we will announce additional speakers and participants in the coming weeks. The constant for 3D/DC has always been a demonstration and reception. This year our demonstration reception will be bigger and better than ever. It will give everyone a chance to see 3D printers first-hand and to discuss policy issues in a more relaxed, one-on-one environment. So mark your calendars. April 29is 3D Printing day in Washington, DC!”

Public Knowledge has already contributed its voice to the 3D printing industry on numerous occasions, even speaking to Congressperson Steve Israel, who hoped to legislate the 3D printing of guns, about the potential issues with such laws.  In addition to the blog posts on the legal realm of 3D printing, PK also produces a podcast dedicated to the technology.  To learn more about what PK is doing around the topic, visit their website here.  And, if you are interested in registering for the conference, or learning a bit more about who’s in the lineup, click here. Check out the Public Knowledge blog post too, to get your agenda for the event.  You can also watch highlights from the first 3D/DC event in the video below: