• Afinia

    Thank you for the mention of the Afinia desktop 3D printer. A few other things for purchasers to compare amongst the market leaders are warranties (from 14 days to 1 year), support (phone, forum, email, trouble ticket) and filament cost (proprietary v. available from multiple sources).

    • Clarkward

      Full credit to Afinia for making a capable and accessible printer. If I hadn’t built my own, I was intending to buy the H-series after comparing the many available.

  • Tony Shulthise

    I have to believe reviewers who rate the Cube or CubeX anywhere except the bottom must be getting kickbacks from Cubify or 3D Systems. Cubify charges $100 for 0.6kg of filament ($167/kg). Nonproprietary filaments cost about $20 for the same amount ($35/kg).

    Don’t trust any review that doesn’t point this out. If it is not clearly pointed out you can be sure that the reviewer is either ignorant or biased.

    I’ve owned 3 printers and I can tell you that the $166/kg CubeX proprietary filament was no better than the $35/kg filament that I use now.

    Why aren’t more people calling these guys out? I consider it a disservice to the 3D printing community to promote the Cubify products without pointing out this huge “elephant in the room”.

    • CS

      Tony- I appreciate your candor on this subject and concur. We need to be completely transparent as an industry if we want people to trust us later (when they actually buy the product we promote and realize the facts for themselves).

    • Armins Senkans

      Yes, I agree. I find that CubeX is only for millionar’s kids… For small business – no way… I bought 3D Touch tripple head printer (BFB), it’s ok, but too slow for my business. I’m looking more fast.