Thanksgiving Contest: Shapeways is Grateful for You, What are You Grateful For?

There’s a terrifying holiday that happens in autumn of every year, mostly in the United States and Canada, in which ravenous creatures murder and devour defenseless animals while the ghosts of the land struggle mercilessly to be heard. Families put on horrible masks, attempt to suppress violent urges and many end the night in an unconscious state like bloated corpses. Most accurately depicted in the film The Purge, that holiday is, of course, Thanksgiving. Aside from the previously listed carnage, Thanksgiving is also a time to be grateful.

Favouring the lighter side of the holiday, Shapeways is hosting a Thanksgiving contest.  By submitting an item “that makes you thankful, or expresses your thankfulness”, you have a chance to win. By modelling or video-capturing the object of your gratitude, you could not only be the champion of their contest, but also catch the eye of Shapeways staff and (someday, maybe) make it into Neiman Marcus. Here are the rules:

  • Of course, must be your own design
  • Explain the meaning in your model. How it makes you thankful or expresses your thankfulness
  • Other than that, let your creativity flow!
  • Enter by posting your model in ourforum, or sharing your video on ourFacebook page

Some Shapeways submission suggestions include: “What am I most thankful for as a result of 3D printing and/or Shapeways? Is it new metals, faster shipping times, or repriced ceramics? Is it that perfect memento you designed for your sweetheart? Model it or capture a video, we’ll be rewarding both categories!

Danielle 3D Printed BukoBot

If you’ve got nothing to be thankful for or are just ungrateful, in general, feel free to submit one of the things I’m appreciative of: existing when I could have just as easily not existed, my Bukobot 3D printer, my bearded dragon, family and friends, working my dream job at 3DPI, and being married to my perfect and wonderful soul mate, Danielle.

You’ve got until Friday at midnight in Hawaii to enter your video or model, so get modelling or video-ing.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Source: Shapeways

Feature Image Source: user 5665 on Thingiverse