Shapeways Adds Premium Silver Material

Shapeways has announced that it has added Premium Silver to its ever-growing list of available materials for 3D printing. This new material is initially offered as a six-week trial, until May 14th, after which time the 3DP service provider will decide whether to include it as a permanent stock option. The decision will probably be based on uptake and economic viability, one imagines. Premium Silver is purported to give 3D printed designs a smooth, glossy surface and as you can see from the images provided by Shapeways, a truly professional looking finish.

To achieve this optimal finish, the 3D printed products all undergo an extensive manual polishing process to ensure the best results. For this reason, Shapeways does emphasize the caveat that some fine details may be polished out and this needs to be regarded during the design process. Shapeways does therefore offer some design guidelines for this material, such as being aware of any sharp corners, which will likely become smoothened out and more rounded in the final piece. Also, if your design includes fine engraving or embossing these details may also be polished out.

Shapeways Premium SilverShapeways will update the design rules and guidelines during this six week trial period to make sure the latest information and experiences are shared in a timely manner. As with other precious metals, the polished surface is soft so you can expect scrapes and scratches over time.

For maintaining the 3D printed product in good order for the maximum amount of time, Shapeways recommends storing the jewellery or other Silver products in a soft cloth pouch and away from other products. You should also avoid exposing the product to household chemicals during cleaning as they can be damaging to the finish. To polish any tarnished areas you can use a normal silver polishing kit.

The pricing takes into account the manual handling process as well as the material and prices start from  $73 for a 1.0 cm3 item. To see the full price list and the latest design rules, please visit the Shapeways Premium Silver blog page.

Shapeways Premium Silver

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