3D File Hosting Service

So last week I mentioned the different genres of companies operating within the 3D printing sector and the increasing numbers of them. Here is another one – it is an online service for hosting 3D printable files.

JustAppi is a content data bank — or as they put it, a global 3D file warehouse — that stocks 3D print files (paid for and free) of all sizes, shapes and description and provides its service to buyers, sellers, manufacturers and designers. The key thing to note at this stage is that the first 1000 files submitted will be hosted FoC – meaning that future revenue will be generated from hosting and sales, I imagine. The Justappi site will also host a forum, where members “can comment on and discuss files and file formats within the fast growing world of 3D printing.”

Based in London, I am told the team behind Justappi can see where 3D printing is heading and want a piece of the action. This is not unfamiliar and who can blame them?

The site is “coming very soon”, this month if all goes according to plan. In the meantime, you are invited to sign up to the email list for launch details.

Source: Justappi