Shapecloud Brings Cloud 3D Printing to the Philippines

As 3D printing technology becomes more and more prevalent in our global society, we have seen a large-scale movement in 3D printable sites (such as Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, etc) and bureaus (such as Shapeways, Sculpteo, i.materialise, etc). But, for the first time, the Philippines now have their very own service platform to help design, model, and manufacture locally-aspired Makers.

shapecloud 3D printing in the PhilippinesShapecloud is almost unlimited in the number of services they offer, including features beyond printing, such as 3D scanning, 3D CAD services for those less experienced with design, mass production capabilities, and express product delivery, as well. Like most of their 3D print service predecessors, Shapecloud offers these services to students, professional designers, and hobbyists alike. But there’s an even more unique feature to Shapecloud than it being the first 3D printing service platform located in the Philippines.

handpainting 3D prints at shapecloud in the PhilippinesPrinting in their high-standard acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) thermoplastic, Shapecloud goes one step further than printing in the desired print color. They then sand and buffer the print, add a base coat to it, and then paint a various selection of colors onto your printed object. It’s no lousy paint job either; after the base coat, Shapecloud adds multiple coats of fine quality, single-color paint, giving the print a glossy and polished look. In addition to the multiple color options that can be painted onto a 3D printed design, Shapecloud also specializes in coating with genuine bronze, too, giving an even more unique finish to the ABS material.

shapecloud 3D printing service in the Philippines

Shapecloud is giving an entire country a chance to experience and expand upon the various applications created through 3D print design and manufacturing. Being the very first to provide this service to the Filipino community is a feat in and of itself, but the hands-on approach that Shapecloud takes alongside their 3D printing services is what sets them apart from other similar 3D print sites and bureaus. Whether you’re looking to get a 3D scan of your entire body, paint with fine detail onto a 3D printed figurine, and even 3D CAD services so that someone experienced can bring your drawings and designs into the third dimension, Shapecloud is offering a helping hand in every facet of 3D print and design, and is even adding a high-quality, artsy touch to the final product, too!