Mamba3D Printer Has Just 6 Days to Go on Kickstarter

In March of this year, we covered the Mamba3D printer. Back then, we weren’t really able to see the printer in all of its glory, as the company behind it, MyMatics, prepared for its Kickstarter launch. The Mamba3D is now six days away from completing its crowdfunding campaign where all of the details are out in the open.

mamba 3D printer extruder

The Mamba3D is a RepRap-based desktop 3D printer with a build volume of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm (7.87” x 7.87” x 7.87”). It uses a custom extruder drive, all metal hot end, and has an anodized aluminum frame for extra stability. With a 0.4mm nozzle, step resolution of 1/32 steps, and print speeds of up to 150 mm/s, what might be most impressive about the Mamba3D is the apparent layer resolution of up to 50 microns. For a comparison, Makerbot’s Replicators have a 100 micron layer height, so this is pushing the limits of FFF/FDM 3D printing technology. From the prints displayed on the Kickstarter page, it’s possible to believe that the Mamba is capable of such detail.

mamba 3D printer resolution

All of the early bird specials on the Mamba3D have sold out, but it’s not too late to order one for €725 (about $1000). Backers receive, in addition to the 3D printer kit (no pre-assembled machines here), a sample back of PLA from Colorfabb. And, if the campaign reaches its stretch goal of $37,500, every backer will also receive free SD card support with their kits. You may want to hurry up, though, as the KS is almost over!

Watch the KS video to see just how smooth and fast the Mamba flies!

Source: Kickstarter