MatterHackers Release 1st MatterControl Update

MatterHackers just released the first update for its simple to use 3D printing management software MatterControl. Among the multiple new features is the ability to effortlessly turn 2D images into 3D printable objects.

MatterControl 3d printing

Managing and streamlining the 3D printing process is starting to become more of a priority for the 3D printing industry. Just as with the recently announced PRINTR, and 3D printer drivers being natively included in Windows 8, MatterControl aims to give you a simple and intuitive UI that takes away the frustrations and guesswork that are all too often a deterrent to inexperienced users. If easier to use 3D printing is going to be the new trend, then I’m all for it.

MatterControl 3d printingMatterControl 1.1 includes an exciting new feature called “Image Converter” that allows anyone to convert a 2D image into simple 3D printable designs within minutes. The feature is ideal for printing stencils, logos and silhouettes quickly without needing any image editing experience.

MatterHackers CEO explains: “3D printing is all about imagination, and now, if you can draw it, you can 3D print it. I can literally take a photo of my daughter’s drawing and print it in 3D with zero 3D modelling or design work required.”

t-rex MatterControl 3d printing

The MatterControl update also includes the ability to easily save and manage specific printing quality and material settings. This will allow you to quickly and easily print different objects in different materials without having to individually re-set every part of the printer in order to optimize for the type of object that you’re printing. Additionally they’ve added Print History, which will store every object that you’ve ever printed and easily allow you to simply reprint a previous print without having to remember your printer settings. It even keeps track of how long the print took so you can maximize your print time and plan accordingly. Experienced MatterControl users will also notice updates and tweaks to several advanced settings and controls, including the new MatterSlice slicing engine.

You can learn more about and download the latest update of MatterControl here and read more about the program on MatterHackers blog.

Source: MatterHackers