Fujitsu-Powered Mobile TechShop Tours Bay Area with 3D Printing in Tow

After companies like GE and Motorola have begun traversing the world with mobile makerspaces, electronics giant Fujitsu has jumped on the bandwagon.  The world’s third largest IT services provider has teamed with hackspace chain TechShop, Inc., to create its own mobile makerspace called “TechShop Inside! — Powered by Fujitsu“.  Hey, that’s got a nice ring to it…

TechShop Inside! — Powered by Fujitsu will see a 24-foot trailer filled with TechShop’s mini 3D printers, Universal Laser Systems, and Fijitsu LIFEBOOK Tablet PCs drive to various institutions in California’s Bay Area.  Beginning with the World Open Innovation Conference in Napa, the trailer will give local stiudents hands-on experience with Maker technologies, encouraging them to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education.  The idea behind the Maker activities provided by TechShop Inside, briefly outlined in this video, is that, rather than lecturing to students, young people can guide their own learning via Making.

3D printing techshop inside fujitus truck

Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, said of the initiative, “From children to teachers and other mentors, people find making things fascinating and a fun way to learn. When we show people how easy it is to create in a way that helps them understand the process, they become more curious, engaged and genuinely interested in learning more.” Corporate senior vice president of Fujitsu Limited, Tango Matsumoto, added, “We at Fujitsu have a deep understanding of how facilitating opportunities to make things leads to innovation. The maker movement in general, and more specifically our partnership with TechShop, gives young makers the chance to have hands-on experiences that instill a personal sense of empowerment. Helping the next generation realize that they can make a difference is a vital step in addressing the world’s many challenges.”

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee contributed, “Making sure our public schools have access to the most innovative learning environments is critical for preparing our youth for college and the jobs of the 21st Century economy. This new partnership with TechShop and Fujitsu will offer students real hands-on learning and get our youth excited about STEAM education. Making sure students and educators are at the cutting edge of technology and the maker movement is one way we can build a pathway for our City’s next innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.”

After hitting up Napa, the TechShop Inside! will head to various educational organizations and institutions around the San Francisco Bay, including: Mulberry School, Brentwood Academy, Design Tech High School, Los Altos School District, Siatech, San Jose libraries, Santa Clara County libraries.  If you’d like the trailer to head to your locale, you can shoot the TechShop Inside! team an email: [email protected].