Free 3D Printable of the Week: And the Oscar Goes to…

Why star in a thrilling drama or quirky comedy to take home an Academy Award, when you can 3D print your own? This week’s free 3D printable comes from Sketchfab user JuanG3D, who modeled up a replica of Hollywood’s iconic Oscar figure as a part of his extensive Awards collection, which includes the MTV Moonman, the Golden Globes Award, and the Emmy statue, among many more.  Utilizing Sketchfab’s rendering features, Juan gave Oscar a golden sheen and cast it in the soft light you might associate with the early days of cinema.

The reason I chose Oscar this week was not just for the fact that the awards show just occurred, but that I can imagine this model used for a variety of 3D printing purposes: replicating the statue at home, creating metallic Oscar medallions and jewelry, and selling customized versions of the statue as one might see on the dirty streets of Hollywood Blvd., outside of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, now the TLC Chinese Theatre. And the best part about this Oscar is that you don’t even have to be white and well-connected to get it.