FormFutura – Filaments Galore – Now With Laywoo-D3

FormFutura is a Dutch company offering a wide selection of filaments for desktop 3D printing usage. The company offers several options for ‘traditional’ plastics such as ABS and PLA in different diameters and of course a variety colours, but what their portfolio also contains is something that sets them apart from other material providers: FormFutura is now also selling Laywoo-D3, the German-engineered 3D printable wood/polymer composite that has kept popping up in the news during the last year or so.

The material does not only produce results resembling wood visually, but the scent is also brought into the mix as well. This is due to the material being composed of 40% actual recycled wood. Designed especially for RepRap-based 3D printers, Laywoo-D3’s shade and tone can be played around with by using different printing temperatures (from 175°C to 250°C). Setting the extruder temp is the only choice you really need to make heating-wise, as Laywoo-D3 doesn’t require a heated bed due to good adhesive properties. After being 3D printed the LaywooD3-objects can be handled and modified just like any wooden objects.

But what about the amount of money needed to bring that inspiring sawmill-ish scent to your own home? A quite reasonable €18.95 ($24.50) in 3mm diameter, €20.95 ($27.25) in 1.75mm size – both for 250g (0.55lbs). If these figures sound just a bit too high for your taste and you happen to live outside of the old world, the company’s rep told Fabbaloo, that non-EU citizens do not have to pay the taxed prices. The more wallet friendly tax-free prices are €15.66 ($20.43) and €17.31 ($23.16) for the wider and thinner filament accordingly.

Source: FormFutura